[USS Vanguard] OoC: Mark's Email

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  • Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 16:40:26 -0600

Mark wrote:
"However I do like to think that I am slowly (been a year since I joined?? So 
VERY slowly) changing in the way I interact with everyone, but you know 
what? I still feel an outsider in certain respects. I know this is totally 
in my head but as with point #4, it is a feeling that I have."

I have some thoughts about your other statements, but I just had to go back and 
check on this.

I didn't believe that you'd only been with the Vanguard for a year, so I looked 
at the Vanguard archives on Freelists. (For anyone keeping track, the Astoria 
was originally a Yahoo! list, followed by Topica, then Listbot and finally 
Freelists. There were good reasons at the time, but we've switched so often, 
that I've grown sick of it. I mean, it would really take a lot at this point to 
make me switch from Freelists. But I digress.)

Anyway, you might be fussed to learn that not only are the Listbot posts no 
longer available to us, but I learned about a week or two ago that the Topica 
list is gone. (They contained the last five missions of the Astoria.) And, yes, 
before anyone checks at Topica and is shocked to come up with "USS Astoria - 
Gay Guys' List" after performing a search, I know about the "USS Astoria - Gay 
Guys' List". It's a nasty prank, I've known about it for years, and I have a 
guess who it was, but I've never done anything about it. (Yet.)

Listbot is not available because Listbot went for-pay. (Thanks, Microsoft.) But 
I don't know why the Topica list is gone. Can't imagine. I never cancelled the 
list, and I never received a notice that they were going to cancel due to 
inactivity or anything.

Short story long, the first Vanguard mission occurred on or about April 
*2001*...and Cynan Mandrake was there! Says so right there on the "Mission 
Logs" page for the Vanguard Web site.

Hard to believe, isn't it? So happy third anniversary, Mr Mandrake!

In fact, here's your post from around this date in *2002*:


And here's the one from this time last year:


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