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Counselor Jaav E'thexx
USS Vanguard
After: Mel's last post

20 minutes passed and she [Zena] paced glancing every minute or so at the 
She sighed and looked at her boots, suddenly a nurse came charging out of 
the chamber "we need a host now!, the symbiont is critical, it wont last an 
hour without one, Doctor Droin asked me to have you find someone stat!" 

With that she ran back into the chamber. Zena's mind went blank for a second 
before it hit her...Jaav! he was a potential host, if anyone could have a 
successful joining he was it! 

Zena tapped her Comm badge and contacted Jaav... 

<end snip>

Counselor Jaav E'thexx sat, slumped in a large artificial leather chair in his 
quarters aboard the Vanguard. The chair almost swallowed him, which was how he 
liked it. His gaze was firmly glued to the Iconian crystal tapestry situated 
across the room on his coffee table. Myth held that the sculpture gave the 
observer a vivid refletion of their own soul if they stared into the complex 
crystal lattice for long enough. Jaav had been concentrating on the the objet 
d'art for nearly an hour, doing nothing else but sipping on a glass of water 
every now and again. 

His communicator chirped

=/\= Quetan: Quetan to E'thexx, I need to speak with you in sickbay Jaav. 
Jaav sat up, tugged his uniform down and placed the glass of water down on the 
floor by his chair before tapping his comm badge. 

=/\= E'thexx: I'm sorry Zena I'm not on call at the moment Zena, its Counselor 
Stern you want - I think she's in her...

=/\= Quetan: We need you down here urgently Jaav, I thinks its best I explain 
properly when you arrive. 

The Jaav's badge went dead, he stepped up, knocking the glass over his floor, 
leaving a large, dark patch of water on the carpet below his feet, Jaav left 
his quarters and headed straight for sickbay. 


Moments later he arrived, Zena was pacing anxiously back and forth outside the 
operating chamber, Jaav wondered what it was that could possibly have made her 
so tense. She stopped as soon as she saw him. 

Quetan: Thank God you're here, we don't have a lot of time. 

The look of confusion on Jaav's face multiplied ten-fold. 

E'thexx: Time for what=3F I don't understand. 

Zena exhaled, almost preparing herself for the speech she was about to make. 

Quetan: The Trill host we beamed aboard, the artificial symbiont was being 
rejected, Xristha had no choice but to separate them and now the symbiont is 

E'thexx: You've got the wrong person Zena, I don't know anything about the 
biochemistry involved, I can't help you. 

Quetan: We need to find a replacement host. 

E'thexx: Have you tried contacting the Symbiosis Commission, they can usually 
dispatch an emergency host. 

Quetan: We don't have enough time, the symbiont is critical, Droin says we need 
to find a new host within the hour. That's why I called you here, 

Jaav looked up, obviously only just beginning to realise what it really was 
that Quetan was suggesting. 

Quetan: You're unjoined...

E'thexx: No, no Zena! I wouldn't be a suitable host, I'm only half Trill 
remember, the Commission state specifically that Trill/Human hybrids rarely 
make suitable candidates for the joining. 

Quetan: They say 'rarely' Jaav not 'never'. Dr. Droin and I have already run 
the analysis, your inherited Trill charactersitics are far more dominant than 
your Human ones, Xristha says that the risk is only slightly above that of a 
joining conducted under normal conditions. 

Counselor Jaav E'thexx looked down at the floor beneath him, he glanced about 
the room, blinking slowly a a nuber of times. The reality of the situation was 
far too clear to him, he had never wanted this...

E'thexx: I'll never be the same Zena. 

Quetan smiled, she placed one hand on his shoulder. 

Quetan: I'm not going to lie to you Jaav, it's true, but at the same time it's 
wonderful. It's okay to be afraid, I was afraid, but right now you are that 
symbiont's only chance of survival. 

As soon as Zena completed her sentence Droin emerged from the operating 
chamber. The hiss of the door as it slid open caused Zena to turn around. 
Xristha Droin was dressed in the standard, blood-red, head-to-toe surgical 

Droin: What are we doing people...I need to know now. 

All eyes were on Jaav, he felt the pressure upon him, but knew that there could 
be no other way. He knew that there was only one answer he could give, if he 
said 'yes' he would never be the same again...

.but if his answer was 'no' the immense guilt of allowing a symbiont to die 
would never leave him. 

E'thexx: Okay...I think I'm ready. 

Zena patted Jaav on the shoulder, placed her hand on his back and led him into 
the operating room. Jaav climbed onto the centre biobed, his breath became 
deep, everything around him became muffled and surreal. Dr. Xristha Droin was 
the last voice Jaav E'thexx heard. 

Droin: Ok everyone, we have to move fast, administer 5CCs Toluprobanol and 
activate the sterile field...


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