[USS Vanguard] OoC: Alexa's Email

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  • Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 19:54:32 -0600

Alexa has always been a voice of strength and common sense for Gamma Fleet and 
the Astoria/Vanguard. And once again, she proves it. 

Thank you for the kind words about my posts, and I agree with you on almost all 
your points. 

A few thoughts: (1) You were *much* too easy on me about the Web site, Alexa, 
as I know it's in desperate need of updating. This weekend, I promise. 

(It hasn't been easy. I'm actually awful about backing up my own files on my 
home PC, and because I've had some new hardware put into my computer, I've been 
reformatting almost once--sometimes twice--a month. After a reformat, this 
entails getting an FTP client and downloading my own Vanguard files off the 
Netfirms site and then obtaining a WYSIWYG client to design the page. I admit 
I've been lazy about getting the Web page application.) 

(2) Taking liberties with other characters. Agreed! I couldn't have put it 
better myself. I think this very discussion actually came up the last time we 
had someone storm off the sim. Back then, it was the Astoria, and I think the 
character was Robin Pierns. (Yes, I remember everyone who's ever played.) Funny 
enough, I think old Robin had something of the same gripe that Roch did. (To 
anyone who's keeping score, this has only happened twice.) 

One of Robin's gripes, among many, was that we were "writing" his character and 
speaking from his point of view. We had a discussion about it and came to the 
conclusion that it wouldn't be much of a sim (and actually impossible) if we 
wrote our characters and only our characters. 

Alexa's right--We're in this together, and if it's interaction you seek, 
there's no better way than to write someone else's character into your post, 
and to do quite a bit of it, too. On the one hand, your character *is* 
interacting with him/her, and on the other hand, who doesn't like to see 
his/her name "in lights"? I know I'm flattered every time someone mentions 
Santos. (Even though Santos is the captain seeing him in someone's posts 
doesn't happen as often as you think. Go ahead and read some old posts if you 
don't believe me.) I love seeing someone else "use" Santos even when I don't 
think that the portrayal is 100 percent. But then, IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE. I can 
let go of Santos a little if the exchange is that interaction, the lifeblood of 
any sim. Besides, who's to say that's not how Santos *is*? :) There are no 
right or wrong answers, and there won't be a test! 

Finally, as for Chris, unfortunately, I know that he's been sick and there have 
been other issues taking their toll in real life. I've been in contact with him 
recently, and he's asked to chat with me so that he can let me know how he's 
doing now and a few other things, too. Since I think he's been a fantastic and 
dedicated player in this game, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt 
and demonstrate patience and understanding, as I've done so far. I'll let you 
all know how he's doing as soon as I know. (Sorry to be mysterious, but if I 
knew something dreadful, I'd protect his privacy, but the truth is, this is 
about as much as I know right now.) 

Thanks again, Alexa. You always write something honest and thought-provoking, 
and this time was no exception. 

Hope you feel better soon, 


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