[USS Vanguard] Re: OoC: Alexa's Concerns/List Moderation

  • From: "Angus Morrison" <sirquacksalot69@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ncv80221@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 07 May 2004 12:51:50 -0300

I'd tend to agree with Andy on that one. I've been using my hotmail account 
for almost three years now, and only recently have I started to get spam. My 
last account went for two years, and almost two days after they somehow got 
my address spam-wise, I was receiving hundreds a day. My theory is that they 
farm hotmail addresses, (simply through random letter/word assosiations?) 
and once they've got one without a bounce, they can sell that address to 
anyone else who wants it. My suggestion (and one that I've had some success 
with), is if you open up a hotmail account, make your address longer than 10 
characters, and include some numbers and letters. I theorize this makes it 
harder to farm it. As for when you start getting swamped with it... well, in 
my experience, the only way I've been able to deal with it is to change the 

As Andy said, this doesn't mean I'm right, but its been my experience that 
this SEEMS to help.

For those of you with problems with spam through POP3 accounts, I HIGHLY 
reccomend using a neat little program I found awhile back called Spambytes. 
It's a very small, non-resource intensive program that runs in the 
background. When you check your POP3 account, it's first routed through the 
Spambytes program, which contains a trainable list of known spam accounts. 
Anything that MIGHT be spam is also thrown into a 'possible' grouping, which 
you can go through and tell it that yes, that is spam or no, that is 
something you want delivered to your inbox directly. I myself and my friends 
and family who use it say its a wonderful program. After a couple of weeks, 
its really very accurate in determining what you want to get and what you 

Hope this helps,

>From: "andywoho@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <andywoho@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Reply-To: ncv80221@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>To: ncv80221@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: [USS Vanguard] OoC: Alexa's Concerns/List Moderation
>Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 08:53:46 -0500
>This email is partly a test to make sure messages are passing through 
>unmoderated for subscribers.
>Also, Alexa (Droin) sent an email to the list to find out why she had been 
>receiving so much spam in her in-box, and she wanted to know if it had 
>anything to do with this list or another to which she belongs.
>Alexa, first of all, I'm sorry that your message didn't make it through. I 
>did approve it to go through, but it doesn't appear to have done that.
>Secondly, I, too, had major problems with Hotmail to the point that I could 
>no longer use it.
>I can say with some assurance that Vanguard isn't the cause of your spam 
>trouble for a couple of reasons:
>1) Hotmail is notorious for being unable to protect their users from spam. 
>Check it out:
>2) If you've ever looked at the FreeLists archives, you will notice that 
>all our email addresses are stripped out. For example, you appear as 
>alexstrpg@xxxxxxx on any page open to the public. It would be unlikely, if 
>not impossible, that spammers could "farm" your address.
>I have just spent half an hour reading the FAQ and membership agreement at 
>FreeLists. I have come across a lot of language about how no advertisements 
>are injected into the emails passed through the list (true enough), but 
>nothing about whether the email addresses are sold to third parties. My 
>feeling is "no."
>That is not to say that I am right! :) However, my gut feeling tells me 
>that they don't. Here's why: they sell advertising on their home page as 
>one of the few ways they can afford to stay in business and they get up on 
>a soapbox about spam.
>3) Finally, my spam load has not increased because of my association with 
>FreeLists or the Vanguard. I know you're not accusing me of anything, but I 
>would never sell the email list to a third party. All confidential and 
>personal information is private with me as long as I am the administrator 
>of the Vanguard list. I have toyed with the idea of putting an email 
>directory on the Vanguard's home page, but in this day and age that would 
>probably only invite "clever" spammers.
>If you have any other questions, let me know, and I will try to help to the 
>best of my ability. One thing you could do right now would be to increase 
>the aggressiveness of your spam filter on Hotmail. You probably knew that 
>they have a "sliding scale" in terms of how harsh it is. I can't access Web 
>mail from my workplace, so I couldn't tell you the steps directly, but you 
>probably already know. Let me know if you don't.
>Hope this helps.
>Andy Ho
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