[USS Vanguard] OoC: A Few Words for Kadian

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Kadian, the Vanguard was traversing another segment of the Borg
conduit when a series of gravitic mines forced it out of the conduit.
The Vanguard was badly damaged and is currently holding position
without shields. Chief Engineer Sam McCaw is working on raising its

As the Vanguard emerged from the conduit, M.J. Valentine discovered
the ship had emerged in the present, somewhere in the theoretical
"Echo Quadrant" (assumed to be farther than the Delta Quadrant as seen
in DS9 but not as far as the Gamma Quadrant as seen in Voyager).

Highwaij picked up a Starfleet distress signal and the Vanguard moved
position to investigate. Close by, the crew discovered an abandoned,
100-year-old Starfleet vessel, identified by Santos and Quetan as a
Saladin-class destroyer.

Saladin information:

An away team consisting of Zena Quetan, Dr. Droin, Kieran Darkwater,
Highwaij and Ceelak Nostrova beamed aboard the USS Ghormley to

Highwaij retrieved most of the Ghormley's logs and computer records,
while Darkwater and Nostrova discovered a Tribble in the sickbay. The
away team, minus Highwaij, debated bringing the Tribble back to the

Before the argument was resolved, Santos retrieved the away team via
transporter since they had not reported back to the Vanguard. (Zena
discovered communications back to the Vanguard were not being
received. It's not known why.)

As Zena and the away team arrived back on the Vanguard and met with
Santos, Kavan and Mandrake, the Ghormley suddenly exploded, causing
the specimen jar containing the Tribble to shatter in the ensuing,
brief power failure.
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