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  • Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 11:08:57 -0600

And with that post, I hope to revive activity on the Vanguard.
I've sent emails to each and every one of you, but I'd like to apologize
again for the lack of activity (and communication) for the Vanguard.

I hope we can all move forward on the Vanguard, and I will work hard to
ensure we can and will.

Santos finds himself in a psychiatric hospital. Has Vanguard been a
hallucination? Is he being held prisoner? Or is there something else at
work? If you like, feel free to cast your characters as fellow patients,
hospital workers or other characters (be creative!).

After this mission, we'll move forward with a mission I promised nearly a
year ago: "Strong Angel." Our characters discover a common thread called
"Strong Angel" whispered among Starfleet and the United Federation of
Planets. Who (or what) is Strong Angel? Is it a place? An enemy? An ally? A
project? A ship? An alien intelligence? I don't know (I really don't!)...but
we'll find out together.

Thank you again for giving the Vanguard another chance. I hope you find it
as rewarding (and fun) as I do and will continue to.


Andy Ho
Commodore Dominic Santos

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