[USS Vanguard] One of These Days

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Rank: Lt. Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
Location: USS Vanguard; Bridge, Event Horizon.
Time: After "Just One, I guess" (Alex/Sam).

Subject: One of These Days.
[USS Vanguard; Bridge]
The bridge of the Vanguard was quiet. With the ship in Earth orbit and most
off the crew still on shore leave, there was only a skeleton crew aboard -
give or take a few.

"Mr Mandrake", Soman began. "I believe you brought a little something back
from your visit on Earth?"

"Actually sir", Cynan began turning around in his seat to face Soman. "I was
wondering if you could have a word with the Captain about that and for us to
maybe swing by Albion on-route to our next destination so I can drop her

"What is wrong with any other transport?" Soman asked before jumping down
Cynan's throat for being reckless.

"I don't want to risk how she will be treated, sir."

"I'm sure she.."

"Sir. I can't."

"You really should have spoken to either me or the Captain before bringing
the horse aboard. *sigh*. Allow me to speak with him but you may find the
answer is no and then you will have to make other arrangements."

"Aye sir. Thank you sir."

"One other thing Mr Mandrake, she has been checked for any contaminants,

"Er, yes sir.. Doctor Droin checked her herself", he bit his lip whilst
speaking Xristha's name. He knew better to lie, let alone bring another into
it without checking first - especially Xristha at this moment in time.

"Very well then. Carry on."

"Aye sir."

"You brought a horse on board the ship?" Highwaji whispered over to Cynan.

"Yeah.. she's a beaut."

"One of these days you're going to get it you know."

"Yeah" Cynan said smiling. "One of these days."

Unfortunately, one of these days was today and it was in one hour's time in
Event Horizon.

[To Be Contiuned...]

OoC: Anyone around and want to do anything whilst we wait for the next

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