[USS Vanguard] One angry Exobiologist

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  • Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 14:40:20 -0500 (EST)

Lt. jg Jazz Falcon
Deputy CMO/Exobiologist
"Are you sure it's ok for me to be sitting here. you know, this is 
really embarrassing, I don't even know your name!" she said as Cadet 
Falcon spun Cynan around and slapped him across the face.
[end of snip]
"You dont wait very long do you?" Jazz snapped, "I guess Helga didn't mean all 
that much to you. You men are all the same!"
Maria's eyes widened at the slap and she looked from Jazz to the cadet 
she was speaking to, "What the hell?" she asked surprised, "Look lady I am 
not taking your boyfriend or anything so there is no need to get all 
violent or anything. You could have asked before you starting hauling off and 
smacking people."  She knew she was babling but she got that way when she was 
nervous and confused and right now she was more confused than nervous.
[end of snip]
"And you," Jazz said wheeling on the girl that was now sitting on the bar, "You 
should be ashamed of yourself!"

Santiagrya "Cage" Mortikan
Weapons officer
USS Vixen
Lt. jg JAzz "Rixx" Falcon
Deputy CMO/Exobiologist
USS Vanguard

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