[USS Vanguard] Once more into the rift

  • From: Shadow Morpher <roch_chase@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2004 23:08:37 -0500 (EST)

By: Lt. jg Roch "Reaper" Chase
Chief Intell officer
USS Vanguard
OFF: I think its time Roch gets really crazy!
Roch stared out at the ocean but not really seeing it. Those nightmares had led 
him here. Mexico. All the time he was looking around. Studying the place out of 
the corner of his eyes. Feeling the change in the air, in the people. He had 
learnt this new sense and sometimes it creeped him out. He noticed a movement 
and focused on it.
Suddenly he sprang off the ground beside Cynan and the doctor and took off 
running. He had to stop him. He ran as hard as he could to the other end of the 
beach, shoving through the crowd as he went. He heard voices calling, "Que es 
su problema gringa?!" but he paid no attention. He kept running. Stopping at 
the far end of the beach he looked around. His chest puffing, pumping up and 
down. He looked around franctically.
"Come on Nexus, you're here I can feel you," Roch growled to himself as he 
looked around. 
He turned and ran over to where some rocks were piled unto each other. Crawling 
up to the top he looked around. He could see for miles. As he turned facing the 
east he saw his target. Jumping off the rocks, he sprinted towards where he had 
seen the shadow.  
As he came to the corner of a restuarant he looked up. Nothing. Pressing his 
back against the wall he timed himself with the beating of his heart. He 
crouched down and slowly peered around the corner. 
"Nexus!" he growled and stood up. He waited until the beautiful red head that 
Nexus was talking to left before he pounced.
"Hello Nexus," Roch said softly with fire flashing into his eyes, "Is that a 
sausage in your pocket or you just happy to see me."
The fear in the other man's eyes spoke to Roch. "Told you I would catch up with 
"Pounding me wont help Reaper, Diana is gone," Nexus sneered.
"Yah," Roch said as he raised his fist, "And thats bad for you."
Slamming his fist hard into the man's chest, Roch watched as he tumbled to the 
ground, "I told you never to let me catch you," Roch told him now his anger 
still not showing. Kneeling beside the shaking body he bent his face closer to 
Nexus, "This time I wont be as nice."
[to be continued]

Lt.(jg) Roch "Reaper" Chase
Chief Intelligence officer
USS Vanguard


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