[USS Vanguard] On the holodeck-pt 8

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Lt. jg Jazz "Rixx" Falcon
USS Vanguard
"Thanks, Jazz." Kieran managed, cradling his arm in his hand, feeling 
gently at the wrist, which felt like it had broken under the impact on 
the shield. "Sorry to have dragged you into this."
She might have replied, but if she did, he missed it as his head lolled 
back against the wall.
"Come on wake up," Jazz said feeling for his pulse. She couldnt feel anything 
so she went down on all fours and pressed her head to his heart. She heard the 
gentle thumps of his heart beating and a relieved smiled spread across her face.
=/\=come on sick bay move it=/\=  she tapped her badge. 
She pulled Kieran's body toward her gently and almost fell over when all his 
weight crashed against her chest. She stumbled backwards a little then felt 
along his spinal cord for any injury. Not feeling anything she pullled of fher 
outer jacket and rolled it into a ball. Placing it on the ground and pushed him 
back gently to lay down so that he may be comfortable. She was about to start 
speaking to him again when the doors to the holodeck opened and the med team 
ran in.
"The safety protocols are off line," she reported as a medic ran to her. She 
shoved his hand away, "I'm fine make sure he is."
"Lt, stop being stubborn," the petty officer frowned.
"Since you havent noticed petty officer," she said pointedly, "I am a doctor."
"Doctor heal thy self huh," he muttered as he scanned her with the tricorder, 
"You have a broken rib, Doctor." He spat the word doctor at her.
For the first time Jazz felt the pain. Adrenaline gone, pain in. She winced as 
the petty officer lay her backwards against the ground.
OFF: Who plays Highwaij?

Santiagrya "Cage" Mortikan
Weapons officer
USS Vixen

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