[USS Vanguard] On the holodeck-pt 7

  • From: Kieran Darkwater <kierandarkwater@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 16:44:58 +0000 (GMT)

Changing tactics the knight turned his back to the wall and tried to slam 
Kieran into the stonework. Smiling gently, he slipped one arm around the 
knight's neck, and then shifted his weight suddenly just before impact, letting 
the metal-work of the armour take the blow.
Moving round in front, dragging his weight onto surprised knight's front, he 
felt the towering figure topple down towards him, braced his feet into the 
stomach and cast him over his head as he rolled painfully across the cobbles.
The fractured rib grated again, this time leaving a burning trail of pain 
through his side, and he coughed red flecks onto his lips, favouring the injury 
heavily as he stood. Across the room the Knight slid to a halt, shook its head 
and stood slowly, turning back towards him where he picked up the mace 
"Jazz, wake up the squire."
"The squire? What about all these knights?"
"They're programmed not to join in - the story advances to the next chapter 
when the squire killst he Black Knight. I think that's why it hasn't finished 
yet... I think..." Her doubt was obvious in her expression, but without any 
other obvious options she complied.
"Computer, change this leather armour to late mediaeval fluted plate, complete 
with a shield, and an appropriate wrapping for this rib injury." he gasped, 
wheezing against the pain, then wincing harder when the bandages were added, 
and the weight of the armour bore down on his shoulders.
The shield, however, rose to meet the first flailing fist of the knight, and a 
return strike from the stolen mace injured the knight's leg and started to 
balance the mobility issues. Unable to strike killing blows - not wanting to 
reset the knight to its pristine state - he instead spent his time slowly 
crippling the figure until, seemingly out of nowhere, a rather dazed squire 
appeared, gleaming short-bladed sword in hand and stabbed down into the black 
knight's back.
Slipping to one knee, relieved that it was over, Kieran struggled for a moment 
to remove the heavy, slit-visored helmet from his head and stared down at the 
fallen knight.
"Damn good shot, young man." he offered, bringing a feeble smile to the 
squire's face, which quickly disappeared as the knight twitched, rolled over, 
and began to rise.
"I can't take much more of this..." Kieran observed. "Not with the safety locks 
"I am SUCH and idiot!" Jazz snarled, grabbing the mace out of Kieran's hand, 
and swinging it forcefully at the wall behind her. Sparks flew, and the stone 
walls shimmered, wavered in places to be replaced with the familiar black and 
yellow grid pattern of the inactive holodeck.
The wavering spread, patches growing into each other until, with an audible 
pop, the holoimagery all disappeared, leaving Kieran and Jazz alone with just 
the two abandoned swords lying on the floor as the door hissed open.
"Without the interlocks, the mace could break the emitter relays..." she 
observed, and Kieran nodded slumping against the wall.
"Medical team to the holodeck." Jazz tapped her comm-badge, and was gratified 
to hear the chirrup reply.
"On the way."
"Thanks, Jazz." Kieran managed, cradling his arm in his hand, feeling gently at 
the wrist, which felt like it had broken under the impact on the shield. "Sorry 
to have dragged you into this."
She might have replied, but if she did, he missed it as his head lolled back 
against the wall.
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