[USS Vanguard] On the holodeck-pt 5

  • From: Kieran Darkwater <kierandarkwater@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 01:31:20 +0000 (GMT)

On the Holodeck - pt 5


[snip]"Negative, safety protocols have been disabled!" the computer responded 
in the same emotionless voice as always.[/snip]

?Tell me something I didn?t know already.? Kieran gasped, rolling to his knees 
and feeling the crepitus of a fractured rib shifting. ?Damn.?


He struggled to his feet, turning to see the other knights pushing themselves 
back away from the fight, just as he?d programmed. He was glad to see his 
armouring skills had been as reliable as he surveyed the buckled leather plate 
that had soaked up most of the impact of the devastating mace.


?Your turn in a minute.? The figure growled at Jazz, raising the mace high as 
it advanced on Kieran, but another part of his programming came to his rescue. 
The squire, eager and devoted, slid Kieran?s sword across the cobbles to him 
before drawing his own sturdy, broad blade. The black knight took the blow 
easily on a midnight-black steel bracer and pummelled a black-mailed fist into 
the square jaw, sending the figure careening past Jazz and into the crowd.


The two distractions had given Kieran the time he needed, and with both his 
blades now in hand he squared up to the enemy, ready to fight. Power met speed 
? or rather it didn?t, as Kieran?s agility turned him inside the first massive 
swing to strike in two tight, controlled arcs at the lightly armoured point 
between pauldron and breastplate, dancing back out to leave blood oozing down 
the black chain.


Jazz grimaced at the sight, and the Black Knight snarled deep within the helm 
as it gathered the wicked looking mace up into both hands and advanced again, 
more controlled this time. Kieran?s agility won out again, plunging one blade 
into the black-mailed thigh, but catching a glancing blow to the head as he did 
that slammed him against the wall.


Jazz stepped in again, trying to divert its attention, and Kieran used the 
opportunity to step around behind it and slash viciously at the back of its 
knee, but paid for the move as the rib shifted again, sending a searing pain 
through his chest as he tried to breathe. One hastily raised blade was batted 
from his grasp ? though it diverted a strike that would have crushed his skull 
? and the second blade struck true, driving into the knight?s shoulder to stop 
to reverse swing.


Jazz, seizing the opportunity, grabbed the squire?s blade and lunged with it 
straight into the black-plated back, arching the figure backward in pain. 
Unwilling to assume the wound was mortal, Kieran drew his blade out and struck 
again, driving through the gorget and into the throat with finality, holding 
the hilt of his sword as the immense figure slid off it and crashed to the 


?Thanks?? he managed, shoving himself gingerly away from the wall. ?Computer, 
door.? The response was not the appearance of the familiar beige-upholstered 
arch, nor even something from the disembodied voice of the ship?s processor. 
Instead, it was the shimmering that suddenly surrounded the fallen 
black-armoured figure that left it once more on its feet. The cracked, dented 
armour was whole, the blood was gone, and the gravelly, deep cackle returned 
with it.

?Oh boy??

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