[USS Vanguard] On the Couch

  • From: Qbed <alpha_chan@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 00:11:40 -0800 (PST)

> Qbed:  You know I really don't see the point in
> this!!! What would you know about my problem
> anyway?!
> Jaav attempted to formulate a response which would
> diffuse Qbed's hostility, one thing was certain -
> She was NOT going to be an easy case. 

OoC: Well, did you think I would be?

Sorry, all, for the delay in response.  I just moved
to Iowa for college purposes and it's been a little


"Uh...you're right.  I don't know.  So why don't you
tell me?"  That was good.  That was neutral.

She narrowed her eyes a little. "Tell you what." It
wasn't a question.

"Whatever you want.  I'm here to listen to you."

"Can I bribe you into giving me a clear bill of mental
health?  I still have hook-ups in the Continuum."

The question was not unexpected. "No," he answered
easily, scribbing something on a PADD.

"What are you writing?" she demanded.

Truth was, nothing.  Just scribbles.  But he'd found
it an effective technique to get people talking.  They
wanted to make sure he had no misconceptions.

"I don't want you to have any misconceptions," Qbed

He blinked.

"It's not like I like this.  It's the stupidest thing
in the world, to be mortal.  I don't even know what I
am.  I used to be Q.  Now, what?  I'm obviously
humanoid, but I'm not Klingon or Trill or even
Cardassian anymore. I look Terran, but I'm not from
Earth, or any of the colonies.  So I'm not thrilled
with the Change." She shrugged. "Que sera, sera. 
Nothing I can do about it.  I might as well accept it
and learn from it and get my powers back."

"That's it."  Now *he* wasn't asking questions.

"That's it." She smiled and nodded. "But I do feel
better, getting this all out of my system.  Thanks a
lot.  Let's go tell Dommy that his idea was a success,
shall we?"

"This *was* a very good first session," he agreed. "I
think it would be a good idea to tell Capt. Santos of
our success thus far.  And I'll look forward to
spending more time with you.  Say, next Friday? 

"No, because after this we're *done*."

"No, because after this there's still issues to work

She made a noise that reminded Jaav of a kitten he had
once had as a child--when he attempted to pull it
around by its tail.

"Come on, Counselor.  What do you want?  I can get it
for you."

"I want you ready for our next session, next Friday,
at 1500 hours."

She glared at him again. "Thursday would be better,"
she said grudgingly.

"I can see you at 1300."


"Have a nice day."

She stormed out.

He sighed.  Anger problems, abandonment issues,
questions about her identity, likely romantic
entanglements, and a recent kidnapping on top of it.

Nothing he liked better than a challenge.


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