[USS Vanguard] On My Way

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Captain Zena Quetan
USS Meridian
Zena gazed out the window of her ready room, the stars were so hypnotic, it was 
a view she never tired of seeing.

The Meridian was en-route to a sector not too far from Starbase Roebling, 
luckily for Zena they had been posted around the area due to reports of a 
dispute between two neighbouring planets, the federation felt that the presence 
of Starfleet could help diffuse the situation.
This meant that Zena could take one of the shuttles and head to Roebling for 
the reunion whilst her more than capable second in command continued on to 
fulfil their mission.

She took a sip of her apple tea and pondered the reunion, the main question on 
her mind... was Jaav going to be there.
Before she was allowed to delve any deeper into her thoughts the chime of her 
door sounded. "Enter"  Zena instructed.
The doors swished open revealing Lt. Commander Jasper. She stepped further into 
the room and came to a halt at the edge of Zena's desk. "We're almost at the 
drop zone... you all set?"
Lt. Commander Madison Jasper was Zena's second in command, and also a close 
friend. The two often spent their free time in each others company. Maddie had 
been a shoulder to cry on when Zena's marriage to Jaav broke down and the two 
had been inseparable ever since.
Zena rose from her chair and picked up the bag that lay to the side of her desk 
"Sure am" she replied.
"I'll see you to the shuttle bay" Maddie said with a warm smile.
They exited the ready room and made their way across the bridge to the 
turbolift. A few of the officers shouted out such things as "have a good time" 
and "enjoy your break, see you in a week"
Zena smiled and thanked them.
Zena and Maddie entered the turbolift and stood side by side. Maddie instructed 
the deck to the computer and the lift sprang to life.
There was a brief moment of silence before Zena broke it "Remember that Ensign 
Denor has swapped shifts with Ensign Powell and that..."
Maddie cocked her eyebrow at Zena "You're really going to do this?" she 
"What?!" Zena exclaimed
"You've left me in charge before you know and you've always got her back in one 
piece" Maddie gave Zena a playful nudge to her arm
"I'm sorry... I wasn't implying that you were incapable..." Zena began but 
Maddie quickly cut her off
"Hey lighten up! I was joking. I know that you trust me, and I know that you're 
feeling nervous because that's the only time you ever recite every single piece 
of information to me in a panic as though I'm a cadet all over again"
Zena cringed "I really need to stop doing that". Maddie let out a laugh "It's 
Maddie stopped the turbolift and her tone went to a serious one "You'll be 
fine, you'll have a good time, it'll be good to see all your old friends again 
and if Jaav is there then I'm sure after an initial moment of awkwardness all 
will be OK."
Zena let out a sigh "I don't know why he still has this effect on me, after all 
this time."
"Well because he broke your heart, that's not something a person just gets over 
and forgives. And the thought of seeing him again is just making all those 
feelings resurface...Trust me it feels worse now because of all the 
apprehension and build up, I guarantee when you see him you'll realise you've 
been worrying over nothing" Maddie comforted
"You're right, you're absolutely right I'm just being stupid... thank you" 
Maddie always knew how to make her feel better.
Zena restarted the lift and moments later they arrived at the shuttle bay.
Maddie handed Zena a PADD "Here are the co-ordinates we'll collect you from in 
a week, now go have fun!"
Zena gave Maddie a quick hug then made her way onto the shuttle.
She powered up and entered Starbase Roebling as her final destination.
ETA 1 day

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