[USS Vanguard] On Call

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Lt.Cmdr Jaav E'thexx
Ship's Counselor 
Sickbay, USS Vanguard
Jaav leaned back in Xrishta's chair trying for one last time to make himself 
comfortable.  It seemed confusing to him that the Vanguard's Chief Medical 
Officer, a renowned physician and medical scientist, would put up with the 
incredibly rigid, uncomfortable, and most orthopaedically unfriendly desk chair 
ever recorded in human history.  

Jaav gave up and stood to his feet.  Chances are if he got too comfortable he 
might start to feel sleepy, and that wasn't why he was here.  With a large 
majority of the Vanguard's medical staff planetside on Shore Leave there was 
only a skeleton staff to stay on call in sickbay.  Jaav had insisted Xristha 
take the night off, but that meant it fell to him to man the fort. 

Jaav grabbed a bio probe and moved over to Ensign Vang's biobed.  The Ensign 
was sleeping, Jaav moved the bio probe over her temples and noted down the 
results Xristha had asked him to monitor on the PADD in his hand.  The mundane 
nature of his shift was interrupted by an individual who breezed through the 
sickbay doors.  Jaav didn't recognise the man straight away, but with a little 
bit of encouragement he managed to drag a name from the deep depths of his 
constipated mind.  It was Chief Petty Officer Craig Kavan, Jaav had not yet met 
this member of the crew directly, but had spotted him in the Event Horizon 
lounge once or twice, and of course read his psych profile.  

"Doctor?"  Jaav could tell by the uncertainty in Craig Kavan's voice that the 
Chief Petty Officer was less certain of Jaav's identity than Jaav was of his.  

"Sort of...but not quite" Jaav replied, this didn't help Mister Kavan in the 
slightest, he looked completely bemused by Jaav's peculiar response.  Before 
Jaav put the crewman out his misery he held out his hand, offering the familiar 
hand-shake all Terrans were familiar with.  "Lieutenant Commander Jaav E'thexx, 
Ship's Counselor aboard the Vanguard".  

"A pleasure to meet you sir," Kavan replied, shaking Jaav's hand and then 
grinning beamishly.  Jaav cocked his head at Kavan, unsure as to why he was 
being grinned at.  "I get the 'Sort of' reply now.  I read  and memorised the 
biographic data of every senior member of the ship, you have a doctorate, but 
it's not medical right?"

"Bang on!" Jaav said enthusiastically, "No use giving me a laser scalpel, the 
Captain's pet bird would probably have a better idea of what to do with it!"  
The two men laughed before Craig turned to the bio bed.  

"How is she?"

"Her condition seems to be stabilising, but we're not completely out of the 
nebula yet.  She's sleeping for now."

"We've had a problem down in Engineering, we were hoping Ensign Vang may be 
able to shed a little light on it.  Have you any idea when she'll next be 

"I'm afraid not, although Droin gave her a mild sedative before she went off 
duty, so it probably won't be for a few hours.  I can wake her if it's urgent?"

"No, no, it's okay Counselor, just signal me once she's conscious."

"Of course, in the meantime, is it anything I can help with Chief?"

The Chief smiled once more.  

"Not unless you're credentials in Computer Software Engineering were 
accidentally omitted from your Starfleet biography!"  Craig said as he held out 
the computer core schematic in his hand for Jaav to see for himself.  Jaav's 
face dropped.  

"Maybe I can help." Jaav said sheepishly, all of a sudden looking rather pale, 
he felt sick with recognition.  

"Sir I'm sorry I didn't mean to s..."

"It's fine Chief," Jaav said as he took the schematic from Craig Kavan.  "Has 
this virus already infected the computer core?"

"Yes Counselor,"

"Then we need to speak with Captain Santos immediately."


OOC: - I've been quiet guys I know, no excuses this time.  Hope everyone is 
well, just want to wish the entire crew a Happy Easter break well in advance!
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