[USS Vanguard] Old Friends

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From Christopher Jackson 

Lt. Soman Drath  
U.S.S. Vanguard 
Following Des' arrival on the bridge 

Soman met at the doors to the cargo bay.  Kye had a perplexed look about him as 
did the other security guards with him. None of them knew what to expect beyond 
huge double doors. 

Soman: Do you sense anything? 

Kye: No, sir. If there was anyone there, they're gone now. 

Soman: Alright, everyone. Ready phaers, anyway. 

Raising their weapons. the group of 5 people entered the cargo bay. 
surveying the interior,  Soman couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. One 
of the security guards was more lucky. 

Guard: SIR! Over here! 

Kye and Soman ran to where the shout originated.  Soman knelt down next to the 
tubular shaped escape pod that brought the beautiful yet enigmatic Ms. 
Desdemona Barrett-Brown to the Vanguard. 
The only difference was not it had two cords protruding from one end. They look 
to have drilled through the deck and linked to the ships bio-neural network. 

Kye: Careful, sir. 

Soman: Don't worry. It looks to be dormant . 

OOC: Meanwhile 

Des exited the turbolift onto the bridge. The stern look she received from the 
Captain gave her more than a little pause. 

Santos: Mr. DeAngelo, send me the visual record from a few minutes ago for Ms. 
Barrett-Brown's viewing. 

Denville ran his fingers over his board and a second later, the visual record 
appeared on the Captain's board. Des' eyes widened with surprise and then 
narrowed with  recognition. 

Santos: Des, do you recognize that ship? 

OOC: please forgive any gaps.  My email client,  LYCOS!!#@#^$@%  has decided to 
upgrade and we all know what happens when you try to improve on something that 
was working fine in the first place.  >:-[

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