[USS Vanguard] Old English Style

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ooc: Sorry, but I couldn't let this pass without comment. Sometimes
different people want different things and don't gel together all to well on
a personal level. This happens with groups AND individuals. I respect that,
but I'd like to exercise my right to reply and voice my own  UNEQUIVOCAL
support for Andy and the SIM in general. No one's perfect but Andy I believe
you should be proud of your ship and crew. I'm certainly proud to be a part
of the Vanguard and always will be.

Now to make up for that somewhat emotive breach of "The Capatain speaks for
the Crew" ettiquette here follows a post. I hope you all enjoy it.


Ceelak had gone off on a tour of the Grand Canyon and Sam had finished his
business on one side of the Atlantic, so with a glad had he hired a sub
orbital shuttle to make the trip up to see his Father is Scotland. He
eschewed transporters for no reason other than a love of flying. Since he
took up the post of Cheif Engineer and since able pilots like Cynan, joined
the crew there'd been a lot less call for Sam to act as a shuttle pilot. As
he was cruising over northern England he received a communique from
Cpt.Santos inviting in for dinner. Sam's shuttle described a  immediately
looping roll and began to accellerate towards Bathwick. The intercomm
squawked into like as a startled air traffic controller noticed some serious
course deviation "Oi! ... I mean Beta Four Niner you are in deviation of
your reported flight plan, what is you situation?" Sam did some quick
thinking. "Urm Northern Hemisphere Control this is Beta Four Niner, I've had
an urgent call to attend to a Sextarius in Bathwik, I can't be delayed. This
is a matter of considerable urgency."  The comm was silent for a moment
before the confused controller came back online "Er.. Roger that Beta Four
Niner you are cleared to deviate from your course. NHC out." Sam laughed out

Twenty minutes later Sam walked into the Fox and Hounds to be greeted by a
very confused looking Santos. "I've just had a call about a 'Sextarius' and
whether it had been properly contained. I told them I was sure you could
handle it. Any chance of and explanation Sam?"
From behind him the Barman chipped in "Sextarius? That means pint in latin
doesn' it?"

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