[USS Vanguard] Re: (OOC) REQUIRED. Please read: The future of the Vanguard.

  • From: "Mark" <mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <ncv80221@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 18:05:12 +0100

Hi everyone,

I'm not really sure where to begin with this so I am going to dive straight
in and lay it on as my mind sees it.

I have to admit that whilst what I am about to write is the same as what I
thought I would when I first read Andy's email, I wanted to wait to see if
anyone else would post first so I could what everyone else's thoughts were.

It seems that everyone so far wishes the SIM to continue, however, I am
afraid I am going to be the one that's a bit controversial and I hope isn't
taken the wrong way.

I can see where Andy is coming from and I too would rather see the SIM have
a courageous and breathtaking end rather then that of a slow death.

I can see it now. The ship is blown apart with only a piece left that's sent
hurtling through the depths of cold space to as of yet, an unknown
destination - the crew are presumed dead. 5-10 years later we all have a
reunion and think, hey, that SIM was really cool back then, let's re-form!
And lo and behold survivors of the Vanguard emerge in the SIMming world and
the ship will be once more.

Currently I really can not see the SIM being a success without true and hard
dedication by Andy, or another Captain for that matter. The missions need to
be planned out right from the start with a start, middle and end. The main
plot needs to be posted by the Captain (or XO for that matter provided it's
been discussed with them from early on) every two weeks at the latest
regardless of if any player is posting or not. Then if a player is inspired
too, they can jump in and take the plot off on another course. The Captain
will then have to modify the main plot to fit in with it and keep the
mission running if the player's posts dry up again.

Please don't take this as an attack Andy. It's not. We all know how busy you
have been. All I am trying to do here is to lay it out why I feel the SIM
isn't doing so well and what my solution would be. Feel free to slate me on
any of my views or for lack of feeling.

That said if you stepped down Andy and let someone else take the reins then
the SIM would still die. I don't think any of us would like to see you step
down or to leave. You ARE this SIM as much as the rest of us are and you CAN
NOT leave. Till death do us part so to speak.

In the current situation then sure another player could step in and forward
the plot on, but take the current missing for example. There is of yet no
real direction for any of the players to post too for the team heading
towards the Borg homeworld. Some of the players might have an idea but I
would hazard a guess that they would be scared to post it, or if they did
have an idea, not too sure how to fit it in with what is currently
happening. I for one would not have known what to write. This is where the
Captain or XO needs to step in and take the lead.

At first I wasn't sure where to take my side of the mission either and I was
stumped on what to write. I talked with my team via IMs (I miss seeing you
on Andy for our sporadic chats) and I had an attempt and I think we were
doing alright. That side has now dried up too though, but not for lack of
ideas. The problem for me is motivation (there's that dreaded word again). I
promised Alex that I would write the next chapter but seeing that the other
team had not even really begun put me down. I felt as if my team could reach
their goal yet the other team would still be where we left you and that just
didn't feel right. I was trying to think of plots I could post for that team
during my next post but as I'd no idea of where to take it or where the
mission was supposed to go, I was at a loss.

So to me, direction (not to mention player interaction) is the most
important thing in a SIM. This in itself will spur motivation.

I don't want to see the SIM end and I'll be here on it till I die if I can
be, but Andy, direction - either through you or someone you talk through the
missions with.

I am sorry to be so harsh and I really do hope that you aren't spitting
feathers when you read this. Perhaps there are other reasons why we aren't
doing so well right now, reasons I have forgotten or just too blind to see
them but if there are then I hope we will all find them together. You're my
fellow SIMer, and my friends. I don't want to lose any of you.

I am sure I have missed something out that I thought of writing about
earlier but alas, it is gone.

For now,


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