[USS Vanguard] Now what?

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Lt. Qbed
After all recent posts


The voice startled her--the fact that it was there as
much as anything. "Q?"

She couldn't see him, but a faint chuckle told her he
was there. "They're coming for you."

"I know.  Every day, the same thing.  Tests and
questions and probes and--"

"Not the Vorgon."

Her eyes widened. "What?  But they can't! I promised
I'd stay!"

"Loophole." She could almost see Q shrug.

"What loophole?  A Q can't break promises."

"You promised to be a good little Q and stay if they
left Vanguard alone."

"And they did.  They kept their end."

"You never said how long you would stay."

Qbed bit her lip. "Well, that's true, but...but
playing with words like that?  You know the

"Oh, come on, Qbed!  What are they going to do--strip
you of your powers?" he demanded.

She started to grin. "Oh, right."

Q's head was suddenly visible. "I was sent here, you
know.  You were going to refuse to leave and that
whole rescue party would have been killed--even your
Sam. "

"I wouldn't want that," she admitted.

"No...and then there would be a mess when the Contiuum
pulled you out...oy, the paperwork." Q rolled his
eyes. "So when they come, don't you dare hang around,
young lady."

"Yes, Daddy."

"Oh, do be a good girl and don't be afraid to be
stupid.  You can do things normal mortals can't."

Qbed was about to ask him what he meant when the door
suddenly opened and Lanos was there. "Come."

She shrugged and followed. "So what today?  You've
already done bunches of tests--"


Qbed blinked a little. "Oh, am I bugging you?  Well,
then, forgive me, please oh do forgive me.  I would
hate to throw off--"

He hit her.

"Ouch!  That hurt!  While I'm sure that was your

They walked onto the bridge.

"We are being followed," Ooya told her.

"Well, you didn't think they'd leave me behind? What
with my charming personality and all."

Ooya had a weapon in his hand. "You will tell them to

She stared at it. Hey, Q, she thought, you didn't
mention this twist.


Qbed sighed and stepped into view. "Hiya, Avalanche,"
she started.

What now???

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