[USS Vanguard] Not so cut and dry

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Lt. Cmdr Jaav E'thexx
Ship's Counselor
USS Vanguard, Briefing Room
After Abortion'sWrong
"I'd recommend evacuating the ship", Connor Vogel chipped in. "And be on the
ready to set the self-destruct with whichever course of action we take."

"Hmm". Santos was clearly weighing up his options. They now has less then 46
hours to act and succeed in their plan, but which plan would he decide upon?


"I think Cynan's plan could work sir,"  Jaav said to the captain.  "But if it's 
preserving the intelligence we're dwelling on we might have to modify how we 

"Go on Counselor,"  Soman was intrigued. 

"Imagine your brain, your intelligence.  If someone just came and... extracted 
it, took it right from your cranium and placed it in a jar somewhere with no 
stimuli, nothing to interact with or control, imagine how that would feel.  
There's no knowing how it might affect the virus to simply extirpate the core 
from the ship."  Jaav wasn't entirely sure if her was making hos point clear, 
it was Sam McCaw who spoke next.  

"What if we 'transplanted' the core, into one of the larger shuttles, or maybe 
even the Coba Del Ray?  That would give the virus some sort of 'body' so to 
speak,"  Sam McCaw looked around the table to see how his suggestion was 

Connor Vogel looked uncomfortable with the idea. 

"I'm not sure allowing this virus to simply roam freely, even if only in a 
shuttle, is entirely safe.  We'd have to take precautions.  I suggest that if 
we did proceed with some sort of transplant, we remove the phaser and 
micro-torpedo systems, and strip propulsion to bare impulse to limit the 
craft's abilities." He stated, various nods of agreement came from around the 
room, everyone waited for the one that mattered.  


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