[USS Vanguard] Not Much Tourism on Luna City

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  • Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2004 00:28:18 -0700 (PDT)

"Granted. Ms Valentine, set course for Earth and steady as she goes; Chief, 
make sure everyone knows we're out of danger; Mister McCaw, Zena, you're with 
me. Let's make sure the contagion stays isolated and we have complete control 
over our systems. Security will have to investigate the causes later. Drath, 
you have the bridge."
Quetan turned to Santos. "Well done, Captain. Your ruse worked."

Santos grinned. "Never underestimate a sentient--or partly sentient--being's 
desire for self preservation."
Craig breathed a sigh of relief and chuckled out loud.  This drew more than one 
"Everything OK Chief?"  Zena asked.
Craig nodded, "I'm fine ma'am, I was just thinking how less than a month ago I 
was complaining about my cushy teaching job at the academy and how I couldn't 
wait to get back into the action."
"Well, you've certainly come to the right place."
Time:  2 hours later
Location:  Command Chief's Office
Craig's office was a disaster area.  Boxes, still unpacked took up most of the 
floor space and a thick layer of dust covered everything.  The ship had been 
without a Command Chief for so long and no-one had bothered to clean the office.
In keeping with tradition, Craig's office was below decks, near where most of 
the enlisted crew lived.  This made him accesable to the enlisted crewmen 
onboard the Vanguard.  His quarters, however, were near the Captain's, this was 
supposed to make the Captain more accessable to the Chief.  The idea was to 
keep a better flow of information between the crew and the Captain.  
In reality, it just meant that Craig had to walk almost the full length of the 
ship carrying his belongings to his office.
With the excitment behind him, Craig had decided to clean up the mess before 
grabbing a bite to eat.  Then he planned to tour the ship and try and meet some 
more of the junior crewmen before turning in.  He didn't expect what happened 

Craig heard a tap on the door before it swished open to admit Lieutenant Ceelak.
He hadn't noticed the other night, but Craig couldn't help but notice now that 
she really was an attractive young lady.  
"Chief," she said, moving her head slightly so her greenish hair rippled like 
waves on the sea. "We never really got a chance to do any talking during our 
last social meeting. I wonder if I could interest you in a little dinner. I'll 
Craig considered for a moment.  He wasn't sure if he was just being asked out 
to dinner, or if he was being 'asked out to dinner.'  But, he was hungry, and 
he'd be lying if he didn't admit to at least a small fascination with the 
"Sure why not."
Twenty minutes later found them in the Event Horizon.  
Craig noticed immediately how easy Ceelak was to talk to, and he found himself 
talking more about himself than he'd have liked.  They talked about his 
daughter Arwen, his time in Starfleet, and even about his childhood.
"Luna City is not a very hospitable place.  Obviously, the lunar landscape is 
devoid of an atmosphere so we spend almost all of our time inside the domes 
except for the occasional trip outside for a school field trip or whatnot.  All 
travel is by transporter from dome to dome.  Needless to say our tourism is not 
very high."
That last remark made Ceelak laugh, and Craig couldn't help but smile.
"But anyway," Craig said, sitting back from the table, "tell me something about 
yourself.  What brings you to Starfleet?"
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CPO Craig Kavan
USS Vanguard


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