[USS Vanguard] Nice to meat you

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Luke Miller
Temporal Specialist 
USS Vanguard
Following: In the middle of Nowhere
 Tidal: Nice to meat you
location: Nowhere in Particular

"So, Luke, why don't you tell us about yourself a little while we get
some drinks?" Zena said, motioning them all over to a table.


Everyone sat down. "What did you do before coming to Brigadoon?" McCaw
started. "honestly, I just finished a paper on temporal paradoxes. so,
Lieutenant (OOC sorry, I forgot your rank.:-) I hope that I was not to
far off.) Shar, you said that you like blowing things up? Have you ever
seen the old fire works like people on Earth did in the late 20th
century?" "yes, I saw some a long time ago. 
dangerous things, they used gun powder and other chemicals for color."
"I liked them. when you lit the fuse you never knew if it would work
right. When I was about ten, I had one of them. I lit the fuse and ran.
But nothing happened. I started to walk up to it when it blew. it hit me
in the neck and melted my shirt to my skin. it blew me back a few feet
and I hit my head on a wall. I learned something that day," a smile
broke out on Luke's face "I just can't remember." Everyone laughed. 

"So, what is the Vanguard like?" Zena was the first one to answer, "It
is fun. you never know what will happen." "There is never a dull minute
on it." McCaw finished. "What has happened on it lately?" "oh, just the
usual get infected by a virus and go crazy. then go and fight the borg."
"WOW, we didn't have anything like that on star base 243. the most
intrusting thing that happened was a class 2 comet went by... Well,
until the dominion showed up."

 "YA, what happened there? how did you save an admiral?"
"I'll tell you." a young ensign stopped at the table. "It was not that
hard. all Luke had to do was get on the announcement system and sing."
Everyone chuckled. "Ok, Ok. How are you Rob? Everyone, this is my good
friend Robert Garrison." "Nice to meat you." everyone said. "We have
been best friends ever since 3rd grade. Do you want a seat Rob?" "No
thanks. I have to report for my next assignment." "YA, that I better go
check out the Vanguard. I also have to go meet a MR. Challis. Does
anyone want to come?" "What about the story of the attack on star base
243?" Zena asked. "I will tell that to you guise another time." 

OOC: any volunteers want to show me around the ship?

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