[USS Vanguard] Nexus completed part 1

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From Christopher Jackson

Lt. Soman Drath
Vanguard bridge
following Brandon's post.

All the tension returned to Soman.  He'd actually started to ease up some with 
the return of the crew.  Now with the news that Stratford was still missing, 
the tension was back.  Vanguard bucked against the tides of energy that made up 
the Nexus.  This energy was now rapidly dissipating and Alvon as well as the 
1500 colonists most likely trapped with would be lost.

Soman: Gainsly, can you find him?

The young ensign closed her eyes and remained quiet for several seconds.

Aerissa: He's not here.  In the nexus or on the ship.  I can't find him 

Soman: what about the colonists from New Outreach?

Aerissa: I can sense them but since they've been in the nexus longer, it's hard 
to differentiate.  It feels like they're fading along with the nexus.  If we 
don't get them out.  

Soman: Then 1500 innocent people will be lost.

Soman looked hard at Giles who stared back  remorselessly.  

Soman: Bridge to engineering.  Mr. Petrov, is there anyway to control the 
direction of the nexus.

=/\= Petrov: Nothing to indicate a common factor in it's course other than the 
galactic tides.  

Soman: hmm.  If we set off a quantum torpedo in it's path?

=/\=Petrov: It would smile and keep going.  You'd need something on the scale 
of a super nova to alter the course of the nexus.

Soman mulled over his options and came to one inescapable conclusion.  He 
looked towards Zena who nodded her understanding and approval.

Soman: Computer, Command authorization Soman: Delta 22325 Omega,   Release 
safety locks on Trillithium warheads Number 1 and 2.  

Computer: Command authorization recognized.  Does the first officer concur?

Zena: Affirmative.  

Computer: Authorization confirmed.  Safety lock released.  

Giles looked open mouthed at the two; possibly the first sign of real emotion 
the man had shown on Vanguard.

Giles: you have Trillithium warheads?  That's excellent.  We can steer the 
nexus band toward the nearest research facility and. . . 

This time, it was Soman who paid Giles no attention.

Soman: Highwaij, I need a firing solution.  I want to detonate the warhead so 
that it sends the nexus back toward New Outreach.

Highwaij: That's a hell of a shot, but it can be done.

Soman: Good.  Mandrake, get us out of the Nexus and plot a course that will 
take us back to New Outreach before the nexus reaches it.   We're playing with 
fire and I don't want to get burned. Bridge to engineering.  Are Mr. Giles' 
modifications still in place?

Vokar: Yes sir.  My teams haven't had time to dismantle them yet.  

Soman: Fine, prepare to use the collectors to gather the nexus energy.  Mr. 
Giles, show me how your modifications work.

Giles' face lit up even more, his annoyingly smug grin now aimed at Soman.  
Soman moved over to the man and watched as Giles went over his method of 
capturing the nexus.

Zena: Soman, what are you doing?

Giles: He's finally seeing things from the big picture.  You'll not regret your 
decision, Lt. Soman

Soman: I don't plan to.   Our transporters couldn't handle 1500 people in the 
allotted time.  I'm planning to draw the energy into Vanguard;  pass it through 
the temporal transport systems; and send it back down to the planet, hopefully 
in the form of 1500 colonists..

Highwaij: you're going to use Vanguard as a gigantic pattern buffer.

Giles expression of joy faded quickly at this news.

Highwaij: Tactical plot, laid in.  Ready to drop the warhead.

Mandrake: I need 15 seconds to get to minimum safe distance.

Highwaij: You've got it.

Soman: fire.

The deceptively small tube exited Vanguard and floated, right in the path of 
the nexus band.    Vanguard promptly came about and warped back towards New 

Giles: You're taking the work of hundreds of people, the possibilities for the 
future of the Federation and casting it to the trash.  You have no vision Mr. 
Soman.  I have a duty to the people of the Federation. 

From his tunic, Giles pulls a small black handheld module and points it at 
Soman.  Highwaij and Zena react almost instantly but not soon enough to disarm 
the man.  Soman stands still, his eyes flashing from Giles' face to the phaser 
and back.

Giles: one of the perks of being in Starfleet intelligence: phase cloaked 
weapons.  Avoids detection by standard shipboard weapons scanners and 
transporters.  Now Mr. Soman, we will harvest that Nexus band and head to an 
outpost of my choosing.  I don't want to harm anyone but I have to warn you.  
This phaser does not have a stun setting and I will use it if need be.


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