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THE EXPLORER - March & April 2003


Editors Notes


Man, this is scary. I've been doing this for four months now and it just keeps 
getting more and more difficult to talk about things. I know its hard to 
believe that I've ran out of things to say, but I really have... ::Searches 
through his hard drive:: Oh wait... No, you don't want to know about that... Ah 


I've been reading a PC Games magazine for quite a while now and I am always 
examining the editorial notes/comments at the beginning and if you think my 
beginnings are bad, you should read this. He starts off by saying "Is this the 
best [Title] yet?" I mean, blow your own trumpet mate, why not!?


I would like to say good luck to Carlos as he takes his dreaded driving 
lessons. The thought of him actually driving on the roads is just unbearable... 
;) (I did say that I would like to). Actually, that's being unfair with all the 
pain he's been through over the past few weeks, but Eve never been a fair guy!


After a long month or so of being offline myself, I'm finally back with an 
email change (again). I hope this will be the last one, but who knows. Details 
are below.


On a final note, I would like to think people have some spare time on their 
hands, just as I do. If you do, let me know because I could really use some 
help with this! 


Lastly, before I move on, I would like to say thank you and good wishes to Vice 
Admiral Xavian, who stepped down as Deputy CnC of Gamma Fleet on March 4th. You 
will all be pleased to know that I will not be applying for her position, 
however if offered, I may be forced to take it. Good Luck, Alexa!


This issue:


1)     Sim Focus - USS Falcon

2)     C-in-C Report

3)     Player Interview - Martin Burton

4)     Omega Directive

5)     Humour


Now seriously, I have run out of things to say... Oh wait.......


Martin Burton

IRC Administrator

Director Of Fleet Operations

Editor In Chief - The Explorer

Gamma Fleet - A Star Trek Role Playing Game



Email: dfooffice@xxxxxxxxx

Email: sierrafleet@xxxxxxxxxxx


(I've really got to cut down on that signature)



Sim Focus - USS Falcon


Some time, in the distant future, exists a ship, known as the USS Falcon. Upon 
it, are some of the strangest, disturbed, and rated 'Most in need of 
Psychiatric help Crew of 2380.' These are indeed the travels of the starship 


The Falcon itself is almost five years old, having started a month or two after 
the creation of Gamma Fleet. Originally envisaged as an 'overflow' sim for the 
extra players flowing in to the fleet those many moons ago, it now has its 
unique brand of insanity.


Its aim is simple à To repeatedly abuse it's captain until he retires or is 
promoted off.


The Falcon's crew is a strange mix of characters: An Andorian Captain on the 
verge of nervous breakdown, an XO who doesn't know the meaning of relax, a 
stuck up counsellor who detests her husband (the aforementioned Andorian), a 
Caitian chief of security ('Here kitty' is not an advisable form of address), a 
backside kicking Orion pilot, a shuttle pilot who dreams of backside kicking, 
and a Vulcan who can put up with the above, to name but a few.


The players are a group. well, the game master is a social misfit who campaigns 
tirelessly on behalf of supporting the extraordinarily great proportions of 
female-to-male characters, compared to our large male-to-female ratio of 


Our current mission? Bringing our dysfunctional group to gate crash a wedding, 
to be hopefully thrown in with a twist of lemon.


And that, Ladies, Gentlemen, and transgendered species, is the Falcon in a 


Captain Thress

Commanding Officers

USS Falcon



Website: http://travel.to/uss_falcon (At time of press, the site is currently 

Mailing List (RPG): http://www.topica.com/lists/uss_falcon/read




C-in-C Report


'tis be 2003, and all is quiet on the Fleet front. At the moment, the fleet 
commanding officers are in discussions regarding the future running of the 
fleet, which we'll communicate the results of to you.


On another note, the DFO has now set up a discussions list for all members of 
Gamma Fleet. I'd strongly urge all to join it. Any topic can be discussed, and 
we hope to have department directors on hand, to help answering questions 
relating to the departments they represent (how do I do this, that, the other? 
Anyone have an idea on how I could.? Etc.) The more who participate, the more 
useful we can make it for all of us.


As a final note, the GF website is down and has been for some time. Hopefully, 
I'll have a new host for us soon (the site is heavily reliant on various bits 
of software that don't come on bog-standard freebie hosting, so I have to ask 
people nicely) and be back up and running.


As ever, any ideas, comments, suggestions, thoughts, or random conversations 
are as welcome as ever (gammafleet@xxxxxxxxxxx).


So, have fun until next time.




Fleet Admiral Emilio Diaz


Gamma Fleet



Player Interview - Martin Burton


I interviewed myself on the 19th January 2003, and what an experience that was!


Q: How long have you been in Gamma Fleet?

A: Three years... I think. I became Captain of the USS Intrepid in January of 
2000, so yeah, three years.


Q: Why did you choose Gamma Fleet?

A: Well, I was already serving as a Lt. (JG) on the USS Masada, a former member 
of Tango Fleet. I decided to go hunting for another fleet that I could do a bit 
more to, you know, not be another name on the roster. I eventually found Gamma 
Fleet (I think Angelfire were hosting their pages then...) And found the USS 
Intrepid. I applied for the job of CO and got it, although it did take a while. 
I've commanded her ever since, and in those three years, we've gone through two 
Intrepid Classes and we are now on the Ares Class. 


Q: With this ever changing state of RPG's and new fleets/ships becoming 
released every day, how do you think Gamma Fleet will do?

A: Well, as we've been going for five years, why not go for another five. 
Carlos is very dedicated towards the fleet and believe me, so are others, me 
included. I have worked hard to get where I am, and really I don't want to lose 
it because the fleet goes down hill. Honestly though, in the foreseeable 
future, I don't think that's going to happen. If it does, I will be very very 


Q: How many sims are you on in Gamma Fleet and which is your favourite?

A: I'm on the Intrepid, CIA, and I've just applied for the Devastator. As for 
my favourite, I don't have one. The sims you are on don't matter, its the 
people you are on them with that make them enjoyable, and I enjoy working with 


Q: What are your immediate plans for Gamma Fleet and your role in its future?

A: Firstly, my only main responsibility at the moment to Gamma Fleet is the DFO 
position which I took up just before Christmas (and of course the Intrepid). 
I've been in the DFO position now for about four months, and I can honestly 
say, so far, so good. As mentioned in the last newsletter, everyone is 
encouraged to join their department lists. They are there for support in your 
roles... Not everyone knows everything. Secondly, my next plan is to start up 
an awards system for Gamma Fleet specifically for departments. Steve Johnson 
and myself will be working on this shortly. After that, the DFO carries on with 
Out Of Game services, i.e. the Gamma Fleet Hall of Fame, which will begin to 
take shape later in the year. There will also be an IRC sim starting very very 
soon, and anyone is welcome to come and join in. It will be Sundays @ 6pm EST. 
Also, the newsletter now being published every bi-month or so, to keep Carlos' 
idea of 'Communication' (See last issue) alive. All in all, the near future for 
Gamma Fleet should be interesting.





Awards Ceremony


This will be taking place later in the year and all are invited to attend. If 
you know someone who is worthy of an award (list can be found on the DFO 
website), please let Captain Norton (dfooffice@xxxxxxxxx) or Captain Johnson 
(Sea13Quest@xxxxxxx) know.


IRC Server


After some minor hiccups on our old server, we have moved to a new one:


Server: risa.risanet.com

Port: 6667 or 6668

Channel: #GammaFleet


RisaNet's administrators have welcomed us with open arms and can be contacted 
on the network with the command "/ircops". It has also been noted that this has 
been Captain Norton's IRC home for the past year or so and so far he has not 
experienced any major difficulties. The operators (@) have remained the same 
and can be contacted in the channel. If there are any problems please contact 
Captain Norton (dfooffice@xxxxxxxxx) or Captain Johnson (Sea13Quest@xxxxxxx). 
If you wish to message them by conventional methods, details can be found on 
the DFO website along with their email addresses as well.


Explorer Online


You have received this email because you are subscribed to a Gamma Fleet list 
(whether it be a ship or a departmental list). Some of us have received this 
many many times (in my case 4) because of numerous lists you are on. If you do 
happen to delete this, it can be found on the Gamma Fleet website 
(http://gammafleet.startrekrpg.org) and soon on the DFO website 





We have received some new recipes from our resident Diplomat! She sends her 
regards  :)




Stuffed Todbaj Leg by ter'eS
Slaughter a todbaj and remove the legs.
Remove and dice the muscles of the legs. Mix with diced naH (fruit or 
vegetables -- the word for each is the same in  Klingon) and add  unsweetened 
liquid  yuch(chocolate) to smooth the mixture.
 Once mixed, stuff the empty legs. Serve. (cold)
Rokeg Blood Pie (ro'qegh'Iwchab): A traditional Klingon dessert, desired often 
by Worf when he was growing up on earth ("Family"). It was first seen and 
mentioned in "A Matter of Honour." Rokeg Blood Pie is a much favoured Klingon 
dish, difficult to
prepare properly. There are many regional variations of this dish. The Blood 
Feud between the House of Rengoth and the House of Dore began when warriors of 
each house claimed to have the better recipe", according to "Star Trek: 
Rokeg Blood Pie, K'Tesh's version:
2 packages Knox unflavoured gelatine
1 cup hot water
1 cup boiling water
6 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 1/2 cups 2% milk
2 teaspoons almond extract
** less than 1/8 teaspoon Burgundy icing colour
** Graham Cracker Crust mix
In the bottom of a large mixing bowl, prepare the graham cracker crust, careful 
to make sure that only in the bowl has the crust. When finished the crust will 
be on the top of the dessert, and the crust does not extend down the side. 
Carefully cover the top of the crust with butter, this is intended to seal the 
crust from the gelatine. (when graham cracker crust becomes wet, it swells, and 
tastes reprehensible.)
Soften gelatine in a 2-quart bowl with 1 cup hot water. Stir until gelatine is 
dissolved. Add 1 cup boiling water. Stir. Add Sugar, milk,

**food colouring, and almond extract. Stir together.
**Pour onto crust. Chill until firm.

When the gelatine is firm, cover the bowl with an upside down plate, and invert 
the dessert

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