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THE EXPLORER - November & December 2002

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Editors notes
Well, little did I know when I took the job as Commanding Officer of the USS 
Intrepid, Id be doing this! When I asked Carlos what had happened to the 
newsletter, he said he was working on it. Now, if you all know Carlos like I 
do, you know that means "I'm not responsible for it". Since then, we have 
spoken, and look at what's happened. As for the thing about volunteering 
permanently. we'll see about that. Also, if World War 4 happens, I get to 
become CnC!!
Since this is the December issue aswell, I'd like to also wish you all a merry 
Christmas and a prosperous new 2003!
Since I am now the Editor in Chief (sounds sooo important!) I'd like to start 
by letting you know of the contents of this and future newsletters. Firstly, 
new name for the news. Instead of GF News, I've had a brain wave and changed it 
to The Explorer. New newsletter and a new name. wow! Secondly, as with Dave 
Kipping, this newsletter will be sent out every two months. I hope. Don't get 
me wrong. I have the time to send it monthly or even weekly if I want, but what 
use would that be. We'd have 26 weekly newsletters or so and that would be it! 
Work just bores the life out of me! Actually, this is being written at work. 
Don't tell the guv though. Anyway, as I was saying, a few things from the olden 
days will also be included like Post Of The Bi-Month, Sim Focus, CnC's report, 
(Yes, the CnC does a report to), along with some new things that should appeal 
to everyone out there. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait and see what they are!
Anyway, enough of me rambling on. Lets see what we've got for you this month.
    · Editors Notes 
    · Sim Focus 
    · CnC Report
Also, watch out for the Omega Directive, an article on general things, which 
have absolutely no interest to anyone. well, maybe to some people. Plus the 
humour section, where we (try to) lighten up your two months!
I hope you enjoy this first issue of The Explorer under me. If not. tough!
Happy Simming,
Martin Burton
Editor In Chief - The Explorer
Gamma Fleet IRC Administrator
EMAIL: kyuzo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

USS Intrepid NCC 74655 A

It seemed appropriate for the first issue to focus on my ship. This bi-months 
Focus is on the USS Intrepid. *Gets into character*
The USS Intrepid A, registry NCC 74655 A, is an Intrepid Class ship. Launched 
in January 2000 under my command, we've been through thick and thin, like most 
sims. We've had people come and go, people join and then not post. I am glad of 
our progress so far though. 
When Will (the ex CnC) offered me the position of Commanding Officer, I was 
overjoyed. I made one promise to him, and that was to stay in command until I 
physically can't, and I mean it. As I said, we've been through thick and thin, 
but I feel as though I now have the crew to make it work. With the 
de-commissioning of the USS Crossfire, some of the crew has transferred over, 
adding strength to the sim, and also filling key positions vital to any ship.
The mission we have just completed was a joint one with the USS Crossfire, 
involving a possible future where the Borg controls everything, including 
Starfleet. Two groups were set up out the remains, the Starfleeters and the 
Alliance. The Alliance was building a temporal ship to go back and stop the 
Borg, but the Starfleeters along with our help managed to destroy it, saving 
the current future. Unfortunately, the Borg, joined in, and started blowing 
everything up in sight. They followed the Crossfire and Intrepid back to our 
time. With an armada of ships, we finally defeated them, but not without 
I think that's all I have to say, so I wish you all the best.
Captain Gerry Matthews
Commanding Officer
USS Intrepid A
EMAIL: kyuzo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


CnC Report

Little known as it is, as of course, I've now been Commander-in-Chief of Gamma 
Fleet for just over a year since the 14th October 2001. It certainly has been 
an interesting year since last I've rambled on.
Over the last year, I've bid farewell to both our previous Task Force Three CO, 
Angus Morrison, and have welcomed Andy Ho, commanding officer of the USS 
Vanguard into his place.
In July, we also lost to RL our former Deputy Commander-in-Chief, Dave Kipping 
(Admiral Spero des Anges/Fleet Captain David Kipping (TF2)) who was Martin's 
predecessor in terms of the newsletter. We do however welcome Alexa Bykov, a 
long-term member of Gamma Fleet and for some time part of the Brass, to the 
position of Deputy Commander-in-Chief and will soon be adding a new Task Force 
CO to the mix, to take over the reigns of Task Force 2.
There is also the exciting launch of ST: CIA by Russell Teicheira, in the ashes 
of the Crossfire, and a sim that promises to live up to and beyond its 
predecessor. We've never had anything quite like it before, so take a look over 
the website and make up your own minds: http://stcia.startrekrpg.org
So our year in (very) brief brings us to the present day, and we look forward 
to 2003. We, or more accurately, a 'volunteer' in the shape of Martin Burton 
will be providing you with regular newsletters and updates of the goings on 
around the fleet. If any of you are interested in trying your hand at writing a 
newsletter, please contact him. Alternatively, if you have any articles of your 
own you would like to submit at any time, pass them along to Martin.
After all, this is your newsletter and we look forward to your contributions, 
from the mind boggling to the maddening.
We may also be looking in the future for people interested in various projects. 
However, if you have any other ideas you wish to contribute to the fleet, then 
please don't hesitate to contact me.
With that ramble out of the way, I wish you all a happy holiday season and look 
forward to an even more interesting 2003, when Gamma Fleet will have reached 
the grand old age in the simming world of five.
Until next time,
Fleet Admiral Emilio Diaz
Commander - in - Chief
Gamma Fleet

[WARNING: E-Mail can be known to seriously damage your health and can be 
hazardous to garden gnomes, or small furry animals who aren't as cute after 
you've bought them.]


Well wishes
Dave Kipping - Formerly: Admiral Spero des Anges/Fleet Captain Dave Kipping
Russ Teicheira - Captain John Fishe
Open positions of interest
1)     Deputy Editor In Chief/Reporters (Well, I cant do it on my own!)
Other items
As this is your newsletter more than mine, why not contribute a bit. You know 
that we are after reporters. It doesn't stop there either. With new articles 
added every bi-month; we need your input to make this work. For the next issue, 
we need someone to contribute to the Player Interview, as well as Sim Focus. 
I'd also like a few more Post of the Bi-Month nominations in, so keep those 
great posts coming. I mean, I cant keep writing about the Intrepid. unless you 
really want me to ;) 
Any articles etc that you feel would warrant putting in the next issue of The 
Explorer, please email me them. I will try and put them in.
Also, my apologies go out to DRF (Deep Range Fleet), our sister fleet. I know 
the agreement was to send a bi-monthly newsletter out, and that it was agreed 
when we became sister fleets, but since I have just started, don't moan at me 
*points to Carlos* Moan at him.
On another note, welcome to Star Trek: CIA. A sim which is like the CIA of the 
American people. I have the privilege of next month bringing you the Sim Focus 
from there!
Stay Tuned People!
C-in-C's Addendum 
Due to problems with our old provider/redirect, the URL for the Gamma Fleet 
home page has now changed to http://gammafleet.startrekrpg.org, so don't forget 
to update your bookmarks!



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