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You are receiving this message because your listserv is subscribed to the Gamma 
Fleet Announcement List. 


Greetings from GSG Admin!

I hope this finds you all well and happy. 

We are writing to you to inform you of some exciting changes to Gamma 
Simulations Groups Forums (http://gammafleet.trekplayer.com/fourm)

We encourage you to sign up, as all communications and updates will be going 
through there shrotly.

The New Forum style makes it easier for you to navigate to the places you want 
to be, and has some exciting features like Private Messages to users, the 
choice of 2 skins (an LCARS display or just a simple, yet intriguing, subSilver 
display), plus the chance to play your character in an open environment (ie not 
restricted to the ship you serve on. This allows for further character 
development and the chance to mingle with your fellow simmers, no matter which 
division you are in).

Also, we will be looking for Moderators to moderate the boards and to offer 
assistance to the people using them. If you would like to help out, great! Just 
sign up and send a Private Message to the Senior Game Manager (Martin Burton).

I know some of you feel as though its daunting to sign up, but with every extra 
person comes a bit more excitement and fun. So, again, we encourage you to sign 
up at http://gammafleet.trekplayer.com/forum

See you there!

The GSG Admin Staff
Email: gsgsims@xxxxxxx


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