[USS Vanguard] Mysterious Stranger

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OOC: Hey everyone, sorry Ive been absent for a while, Ive just got back from
2 weeks holiday and caught up with the posts today, some good ones in there!
Hope you're all well and im looking forward to getting involved in this
mission, so here goes!

Zena Quetan
Longlands Village
Golden Gate Inn


Zena stood behind the bar, with her rag she carefully wiped the excess water
off the mug she had just cleaned. It was getting late and the rabble had
died down, only a few punters remained, most of them slumped over the tables
with an empty mug in a deep sleep snoring away.

She looked wearily around the tavern, the lamps were dimly flickering,
lighting up only small parts of the cosy room, the corners were dark with
cobwebs here and there, the fire burnt brightly on the right wall giving out
a warm glow, crackling from the wood burning could be heard inbetween the
chorus of snores. Above the fireplace hung a shield and two swords crossing
each other, the blades shined from the reflection of the flames below.

Zena gave a gentle smile, the tavern had always been in her family, it was
the focal point of Longlands village and she was proud to keep that
tradition running. Just as she was about to add some more wood to the now
dying fire the door creaked open and from the darkness a figure in a long
cloak slowly walked through.

They approached the bar and sat on a stool, Zena moved nearer to them...

"What can I get thee?" she asked in her usual pleasant tone.

The figure lifted their head but only revealing a small part of their face,
just enough to reveal that they were female "Thou hast nothing of which I
desire, but I have something for thee" she replied

A puzzled looked ran across Zena's face "I do not understand"

The woman held out her hand and in it lay an amulet "Take it" she said

Zena hesitantly took it, she had a mind full of questions but before she
could ask any the woman continued "Wear this and let it guide thee, others
will come, help them on their quest"

Zena looked down at the amulet then back to the woman but she had vanished,
slightly baffled by what had just taken place Zena looked at the amulet once
more then placed it round her neck and went back to topping up the fire, she
sat down in her chair and closed her eyes, all she could do now was wait...
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