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  • From: Kieran Darkwater <kierandarkwater@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 22:40:32 +0000 (GMT)

After: 'More in the Bar...'
Kieran slouched dejectedly along the streets, wheeling and turning in no 
consciously chosen direction until he ended up at the bar they'd left that 
night. It was a frequent of most of their friends and colleagues, and he stood 
in the shadows staring at the door for some time.
He didn't feel like company, particularly, and certainly didn't feel like 
bringing down their evening, but there was something dark and cowardly lurking 
at the back of his mind urging him to run away and find a hole to crawl into: 
he didn't like the sound of that voice in his head at all.
It was the hunched, slow-paced figure approaching the door that convinced him. 
Xristha Droin was many things, but depressive was not one of them.
"Misery loves company..." he muttered to himself, rose from his spot against 
the wall and crossed the street.
<snip> Xristha sat in a dark corner of the bar, a mug of beer ? she 
hated it, but it was Steve?s favorite ? and the bouquet of flowers vowing to 
never love again.</snip>
Kieran nestled into the seat opposite, sparing a glance for only slightly muted 
revelry of his more usual companions at the nearby table.
"You look like I feel." He hazarded, quietly, as the waiter brought a tall 
glass of something amber and placed it in front of him.
She shrugged, shuddering slightly with a suppressed tear and the heavy, bitter 
taste of her drink. Kieran knew the feeling, knew that nothing needed to be 
"To tomorrow?" He raised the glass slightly, not needing to say what the 
night's dreams might bring. "May it be further away from it all than today."
Off> Manic Depressive's table placing an order for something to liven the 
atmosphere... :) (Without necessarily deadening the occupants of nearby tables! 
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