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Author: Cadet Xristha Droin
Position: Cadet ? Medical Track
Setting: SF Academy

She smelled the blood red flowers that had mysteriously found their way to 
her desk in the hospital. Cadet Droin instantly knew who they were from ? 
Steve Ray. He was a hot shot officer in the marines who persistently 
followed her for six months before she agreed on a date.

It was one of the best decisions she had made. Steve appeared to be the 
antithesis of Xristha. He was rough, uncultured, a brute by some standards. 
He had rugged good lucks with a sharp jaw and chiseled cheekbones.

Xristha was the child of diplomats. She was schooled in culture, a social 
butterfly?though she was also a social chameleon.

Steve?s machismo exterior was easily peeled back by the empathy and she 
found warmth in him that she missed. It was like her home around other 

On their first date Steve started by taking her to the races. It wasn?t her 
idea of the best date, but she agreed. She had a blast. After the hover 
races Steve took her to a small mom-and-pop Italian restaurant in Northern 
California and they returned taking a transport along the coast.

=/\= ?Doctor Droin, report to the emergency room.? =/\=

Her communicator chirped the call and she was ripped from her reminiscence.

She set the flowers back down on her desk and ran out the door, heading 
towards the emergency sickbay. It was more chaotic than usual.

?What happened?? Xristha asked an orderly who was running to get plasma.

The young internist shook his head, ?There was an accident, a flight 

Xristha nodded.

?Trauma incoming, we need a doctor!?

Spinning on her toes the cadet grabbed a tricorder as a gurney was wheeled 
in front of her. As she scanned the body she spoke softly, ?My name is 
Xristha, and I?m a doctor. We?ll try our best.?

A nurse pulled the helmet off the marine and Xristha looked into Steve?s 
dark eyes.

Six hours later Xristha sat in a dark corner of the bar, a mug of beer ? she 
hated it, but it was Steve?s favorite ? and the bouquet of flowers vowing to 
never love again.


I forgot that Xristha?s true love died in the academy. Tag to anyone?

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