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> >  Lt. Highwaij
> >  Sickbay
> >  Before, During, After: Discovery

Highwaij sat behind one of the computer panels, Zena had gotten an incrypted
and he was asked to decode it, whille Khan was looking at the messenger a
Trill to see if they could keep him alive.

Security had been sealing them in, no one could enter these rooms without
the proper autorization.

It was a difficult message, whom ever encrypted it had done a good job, it
took him hlaf an hour to find something,
normally he whould have found it within 16 minuts. Highwaij could see that
Zena was a little nervous.

In the other room Xristha and She'ra lookked at the Trill, t looked like
they had found out how to keep him alive.
A few minuts later, it had taken him 45 minuts to get the entire message

Highwaij read it, he knew what he had found was important, he knew that
people whould kill for it to get it publiced or get it
deleted for ever. These where research notes from a Docter Renhol about
artificial symbionts. Highwaij didn't know mush about
meidcine, science, but he knew a little.

Highwaij wanted to activate the combadge, but then stopped he got up, and
took everything with him
as he wlaked out of the room, to Zena whom was in one of the other rooms

Highwaji came through the doors at the exact time with a huge grin on his
face "One message, Fully readable"

He handed a PADD to Zena

Zena read the PADD carefully "It's notes... research notes from Doctor
and her project for artificial Symbionts, Levva put it all together for me,
he was hoping
 I could help, whether he intended me to meet him or not I don't know"

Highwaij looked at Zena as she looked worried whille she read it
"Shouldn't we tell security to be on alert" he asked

Zena nodded without hearing what Highwaij was asking, she was to mush
working on the Padd.
"Highwaij to Tails"

'Tails here, yes Highwaij" the female cat like security officer replayed in
her own way.

'Do me a favour and get you're people ready for anything." Highwaij said

"I need to know more, does it have to do with the Trill" Tails asked

'Sorry can't give you more for know, trust me" Highwaij asked, he knew she
whould they where old friends.

> > Lt. Highwaij
> > Communications Officer
> > USS Vanguard

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