[USS Vanguard] Memory Game

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After: Violations
Title: Memory Game
By: Ensign Aliyah-Amores Lopez-Fitzgerald

Aliyah opened her eyes slowly. the attack came back to her.. She was grabbed 
from behind after Riajj gripped her wrist. He then pulled her to him then.... 
What happened next? She could not remember. A sharp pain shot through her head 
and she closed her eyes and grunted to keep it from driving her crazy. Her body 
was soar and each time she tried to remember her head would hurt. She tried to 
grip her hea dut something was holdign her down.

A Bio bed? She panicked then. What was her name? Oh lord she could not remember 
that! she  could remember everything but her name, who she was, where she 
was...How she got there... she could only remember Raijj. Who was Raijj?

She panicked more and began to struggle against the restraints holding her 
down. Two hands held her shoulders and she struggled harder.

"Relax Aliyah," came the voice.
"Who the hell are you?" she asked aloud, "Let me go! leave me alone!"

"calm down!" the voice yelled back, "And what do you mean who am I? What's your 

Aliyah relaxed then as she tried to remember. But she could not.

"I-I-" she stammered, "I don't know!"
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