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Captain Zena Quetan
USS Vanguard

The docking procedure had gone smoothly and the Vanguard was now in the safe 
hands of Brigadoon.

The crew had slowly began to exit onto the starbase for some well deserved R&R.

Zena strolled over to the doors of her ready room, the bridge was now empty the 
lights were set to low and shadows dominated the room.There was a light humming 
sound of the remaining systems continuing to work.

The doors swished opened, Zena walked straight through and headed toward the 
desk. The room was bare, standard federation colours and decor, how it was 
before it had been occupied. Nick had taken all his belongings with him and 
Zena just didn't feel right in making it her own Jaav had constantly encouraged 
her to add little things to personalize it but he had had no joy in changing 
her mind.As a compromise the only things she had allowed herself to have were a 
few holo pictures which were scattered around the desk.

Zena pulled the chair out and sat down, she leaned backwards as far as the 
chair would bend without toppling over and placed her hands behind her head she 
closed her eyes for a moment and just took in the silence.

As she opened her eyes the first image they had focused on was the holo picture 
of herself with Tails to Ennien and Kristen from a visit on Earth they had 
taken, they had decided one day that they would go to the History Museum and to 
take part on the sky diving ride, people used to go into the sky in an 
aeroplane and throw themselves out of it from a great height then use a 
parachute to stop themselves plummeting into the ground and land safely. Tails 
had never seen the logic in such an activity so Kristen and Zena had dragged 
her along to participate. The picture had Tails in the middle with Kristen on 
the left and Zena to the right, they had the old fashioned jump suits on, It 
was taken just after all three of them had landed on the ground, Zena and 
Kristen had their helmets off and were facing forwards smiling whilst Tails 
scowled, her fur was stood on end like she'd just been electrocuted and her 
helmet was in mid flight above her.

Zena tapped the button at the base of the frame and the image began to play...

Tails tugged at the helmet "It's stuck!"

"It can't be you're just not doing it right! Kristen replied

"This is recording you know" Zena laughed as she pointed towards the camera

"Stop playing with that thing and come help me!" Tails snarled getting flustered

Zena continued to laugh "ok ok!" 

"You grab one side and I'll grab the other then we pull on three" Kristen 
instructed Zena

They both got into position, the camera bleeped

"The camera is about to end the picture... quickly!" Zena said as she took a 
firm grip of the helmet

"1....2....3!" Kristen counted then her and Zena pulled as best they could, the 
helmet flew up into the air and out of their hands

"Ooo the camera" Zena said as she tilted her head to the side and beamed at it, 
Kristen doing the same, Tails didn't have time to react she had been too 
annoyed to even contemplate smiling and just scowled.

The image stopped and froze on the final shot.

Zena erupted into a fit of laughter, if anyone had walked in at that moment 
they would have thought she was mad. She made a mental note to remind Tails of 
that day the next time she wrote her.

Zena paused for a moment and sighed. She missed them both dearly. With that she 
opened the top drawer of the desk and grabbed a handful of padds with the 
latest reports on, she rose to her feet and headed off to enter the Starbase. 
She didn't want to waste anymore time dwelling on the past she was about to be 
reunited with her friends, well who she really considered as family who she was 
also missing greatly.

The Vanguard just hadn't been the same without them...

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