[USS Vanguard] Lucky Escape

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Cadet Zena Quetan

Craig's reflexes were like lightening as he caught the charging cat, stopping 
it inches from his face.

The trio let out a synchronized sigh of relief, they knew they were already in 
trouble which would have been made much worse if Petty Officer Kavan had been 
injured in the prank.

Craig took a deep breath, he was about to give the three a major ear bashing 
but he was tired and really not in the mood "I swear you Cadets are determined 
to make my life a living hell!"

"Sorry Sir, It was just harmless fun, we just didn't think" Zena said woefully

Shar stood nervously as he was already on probation and been warned if caught 
again then he would be out of the Academy.

"Petty Officer Kavan..." Craig's Comm came to life

Craig hit his badge "Yes?"

"Sir, I've been asked to contact you, You have a family emergency Sir, If you 
could return home immediately, I don't know the details Sir" The voice replied

"On my way" Craig replied, he didn't even give a second thought to the Cadets 
waiting for their punishment, he dropped the cat to the floor and ran off down 
the corridor

"Wow that was close!" Shar exclaimed

"Yeah but poor officer Kavan, I hope it's nothing serious at home" Aliyah 
replied picking up the cat who seemed tamer towards the female species and 
purred lovingly as Aliyah rubbed it's chin

"Yeah besides, we may not be in the clear yet, this could of just delayed 
things" Zena added

"Well I gotta run ladies I have things to do" Shar said with a hint of mischief 
in his eye

"Hmm, whatever it is you're planning this time, I don't wanna know!" Zena 

"Hey what about your cat?" Aliyah called out to him as he began to walk away

"Ah keep it, likes you better anyways" He called back

"What am I supposed to do with a cat?" Aliyah asked Zena

Zena shrugged 

"I'm gonna head off to the Union, I think Cynan mentioned he was going there 
when I spoke to him earlier, you coming?" Zena asked Aliyah

"Sure, I'll meet you there, gonna sort this cat out first" Aliyah replied

Zena smiled and stroked the cat "Ok, see ya later" 
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