[USS Vanguard] Loose Ends II

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Jaav E'thexx
USS Gagarin

As the matter stream before his eyes gradually melted away to reveal the world 
before him, there were few other better views Jaav could have wished for.  Zena 
stood in front of the transporter chamber, she hadn't cahnged.  

Zena still greeted Jaav with a radiant smile that made him almost forget why 
the had finally been reunited.  As soon as the annular confinement beam 
realised him, Jaav hurried off the platform and flung his arms around his wife, 
kissing her on the cheek.  

"Permission to come aboard, Sir!?" Zena's grin widened and Jaav's joke.  Jaav 
had left Starfleet a considerable time before she gained her first command, but 
he always insisted on calling her 'Captain' or 'Sir' every now and again.  
Usually whenever she was trying to remain angry about something, but she would 
always have to laugh.  

"Permission granted Mr. E'thexx" She deliberately maintained the 'formality'. 

The two just stood there for a moment, enjoying each other's company, not 
really needing to say anything, their eyes said all that needed to be said.  In 
the background, a figure dressed in red moved from behind the transporter 
console and moved toward Zena and Jaav, he cleared his throat as he moved.    

"Oh! My apologies..."  Interrupted, Zena removed herself from her gaze.  
Captain Zena Quetan gestured towards the officer.  "Allow me to introduce my 
executive officer, Commander Sebastian Bennett."  Commander Bennett extended a 
hand toward Jaav.  

"It's a pleasure to meet you Professor." Bennet straightened his uniform and 
extended his hand, firmly gripping Jaav's. 

"And you Commander, Captain Quetan speaks very highly of you."  Jaav could 
sense from the Commander's body language that he was pleased with himself, his 
compusure remained modest however.  Zena turned to Bennet. 

"Sebastian, before you return to the bridge, could you have Professor E'thexx's 
personal effects transferred to my quarter's, then inform the Senior staff that 
a briefing will take place at 1100 hours."   Bennet nodded to acknowledge his 
orders then he turned and left the tranposrter room.  Zena and Jaav were lefft 
alone.  They too began to stroll out of the tranporster room.  

"So how bad is it?" Zena inquired, her tone was a little more sombre now.  

"Bad..." Jaav replied, "I never thought it would come to this. Up until lately 
Minister Kolvin had remained fairly neutral on the matter, he said it was 'one 
for the courts'.  Once the unjoined majority began calling out and demanding 
for artificial symbionts of there own he quickly became biased."

"Politicians have a knack for that.  What information can you provide us with?"

"Very little," Jaav sighed, searching for something that might help, "although 
it is safe to say that both sides are preparing for conflict.  The limited 
intelligence reports I've been able to review reveal munitions movements. 

Husband and wife briefly continued their stroll down the corridor before 
entering the turbolift.  

"Bridge..."  Zena instructed the computer,  "Well we're here to make sure that 
doesn't happen.  We might have failed to negotiate a solution to the argument, 
but we CAN prevent a war."


Within  few moments the turbolfit came to a complete stop and the doors hissed 
open.  Zena glided onto the bridge, Jaav followed closely behind.  

"Captain on Deck!" Lt. Duffy announced.  Normally the crew didn't adhere to 
such strict protocol.  Zena sensed they were maybe trying to impress her 
husband on her behalf.  

Bennet stood up and relinquished the centre seat.  Zena provided her exec with 
a nod of acknowledgement before she took her chair and turned to Lt. Krell.  

"Lt. allow me to introduce..." in a moment the ship lurched violenty before the 
inertial damping field could compensate.  "Report!" Zena did not bark, but her 
cool tone did carry the required sense of urgency.  

"We've just been fired upon by a class II Trill scout," Krell's hands flew 
across the tactical board, gathering as much information for his CO as he 
could, "Shields are holding at 90%, torpedoes and phasers are online and 

By now the Red Alert klaxon had sounded automatically.  Jaav had managed to 
steady himself on the nearby railing when the ship jolted initialy.  He was a 
little out of praactice and seemed considerably more stunned than anyone else 
on the bridge. 

"Krell, why didn't we detect the vessel sooner?"  Zena wanted an explanation, 
her intention was not to allocate blame.  

"The vessel was obscured by the planet's primary moon,"

"Hail them!" Zena stood up, left her chair and moved toward the viewscreen.  

"Sir, there is no response." Krell continued to stare at his console,  "The 
vessel is transmitting an automated response...'This is a facilitator of the 
Unjoined Majority - Do not interfere' " Zena moved to behind her Tactical 
Officer, taking a closer look at the sensor readings.  

"We don't have time for this, " Zena folded her arms and moved to the centre of 
the bridge.  "Mister Duffy, bring us about.  Lt. Krell target their weapons and 
propulsion system, disabling phaser-fire only. Stand-by to fire on my mark..."

"Captain, we're receiving a distress call," Interrupted Commander Bennet. 

"Source?" Zena spun around to face her Executive Officer.  

"Zena, it's Ambassador Neelix's shuttle..."


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