[USS Vanguard] Loose Ends

  • From: "Jonathon Bremmer" <jonathon.bremmer@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2003 11:45:08 -0000


Jaav E'thexx


Jaav slipped into his chamber with a small cargo hand-case and placed it on his 
desk.  It had been relatively easy to bring it through the campus without 
raising any suspicions.  The eyes and attention of most were fixed on 
viewscreens as the latest news feeds rolled in, whilst efforts were directed 
towards restoring the University's limited defensive shield.  Few would have 
been bothered by Jaav's silent departure.  

Opening the case, he removed a delicate wax-bound, white, envelope and 
carefully placed it on 'his' side of the desk.  The envelope contained his 
formal resignation, it was a longstanding tradition that the Dean conducted all 
their official directives with the ink and paper of centuries ago.  

Jaav couldn't help but freeze for a moment, lost in a fragment of 
contemplation, he revisited the elation he had felt when he received his 
appointment as Dean, recalled the times he had both amused and inspired his 
students and colleagues.  

He began to collect together the few remaining personal effects that littered 
his office, most had been moved to secure storage not long after the political 
climate had taken a turn for the worst.  Into his case he placed a latinum 
framed image of Zena and himself, taken during a trip to Bajor, during happier 
times.  Jaav knew that Zena too kept the image on her desk, it had brought him 
a great deal of comfort, and an immense sense of security, it made her seem 
that bit closer.  

The case sealed itself securely once it had been closed, Jaav lifted it up into 
his hand and moved towards a chest at the far side of his chamber.  He pulled 
open a small wooden drawer and removed one item that would not make it's way 
into his case.  He blew the dust off the combadge, which seemed to manage to 
accumulate even in the most clean of environments, and tapped it.  It took a 
little while for the stagnant little device to bring itself back into life, but 
eventually it did chirp.  

E'thexx: =/\= E'thexx to Gagarin.  One to beam up.  

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