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Lt. Zena Quetan
Before Andy's last post

OOC: Firstly welcome to Aliyah! Been out of touch for a while but I am up to 
date with the posts and will be more active on the upcoming mission looking 
forward to it!


Zena walked into Jaav's office and grinned "Busy?..." she knew he wasn't and 
without giving him a chance to reply she walked round the side of his desk and 
pulled him up from the chair by his arm gently "Good! because I've just got a 
hold of a new holo program I'm dying to try it and I need a victim...er I mean 
I'd like you to try it out with me"

Zena laughed at Jaav's face "don't look so worried it's nothing bad"

Jaav smiled "if you say so" he could tell Zena was in a mischievous mood

They walked down the corridor, Zena linked her arm with Jaav's they walked past 
a few new faces "More new recruits I see" Jaav commented 
"Yeah had a few in my department one or two sound promising" Zena replied 
"Shame we've had to lose some officers too though" Jaav said as they stepped 
into the turbolift 
Zena nodded "Dellan going was a shock, I wonder how Xristha is taking it..."

"She's a strong individual I'm sure she'll be fine..." Jaav said, Zena nodded 
in agreement

"So are you going to tell me what this holo program is or are you keeping me in 
suspense?" Jaav asked changing the subject

Zena paused "hmmm...No you can wait...looking forward to tonight's reception?" 
Now it was her turn to change the subject

Jaav got the hint that she wasn't going to reveal anything "Yes it's nice to 
just relax and mingle with everyone, some times we get so overly involved with 
work you don't get a chance to really talk"

They got to the Holo suite and Zena loaded in the program, the room changed and 
Jaav took in the surroundings then looked back at Zena

"Theme park rides...we have here some of the most famous and historical rides 
ever built and we get to ride them all" Zena said almost being drowned out by 
the screams of the holo characters enjoying the rides

They wandered around the site and selected a ride, they sat in the chairs and 
fastened the belt, the shoulder restraints came down and locked them in, a few 
seconds later they slowly chugged off cranking to the top "this isn't so bad" 
Jaav commented almost at the top

Suddenly they shot downwards and a roar of screams let rip, spinning round a 
corner upside down they then got thrown to the left, shooting under a tunnel 
they emerged and were again spun upside down... after another few twists and 
turns the ride slammed to a halt and a blast of air hit them in the face. The 
two sat holding on to the handles of the shoulder pads for a few seconds, Zena 
slowly turned her head to Jaav..."Again?!" 

They stepped down off the ride and Jaav held his stomach "Is it supposed to 
make your lunch want to come back up?" he asked

Zena smiled "The best ones always do...and if you think that was bad I 
recommend you DON'T go in a flight simulator with Cynan!"

After testing most of the rides the two decided to call it a day

"Thank you for an...interesting afternoon" Jaav said as they exited the holo 

Zena winked "Any time...so I guess I'll see you later?"

They began to part ways "Indeed you will" Jaav said with a smile

Zena grinned "oh and by the way....you still owe me dinner..."

Jaav laughed "I haven't forgotten"

"Well see you later then" Zena said as she slowly started to move off in the 
opposite direction

Zena headed back to her quarters now she had the task of picking something to 
wear for the evening!

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