[USS Vanguard] Let's get this party started.

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Rank/Name: Cynan Mandrake.
Locations: USS Thesipiae; Conference Room.

Timeframe: After all recent posts.

  Subject: Let's get this party started.



"You came all this way," he said [Kieran], pulling out the chair next to
Mandrake's, "knew I'd be here, and you bought whisky instead of milk?"



"Actually", Cynan started, lifting a vile from his jacket pocket (this is a
good point to note that Cynan isn't in Starfleet anymore, use your
imagination :), "I bought both" he finished placing it on the table.


"Ah" Kieran gasped reaching for it.


"You never cease to disappoint, do you Cynan?" Zena quipped.


"Why, hello again", he winked back at her. "Will you not join us? All of
you? There is plenty to go around. In fact there is this party..".


"This is no time for a party Cynan" Shar jumped in.


"As I was saying", Cynan started again talking louder and giving Shar the
eye, "There is this party over on Jaliar IV. I hear it's going to be pretty
good and there is nothing like a good party to get you back in the mood" he
finished with a smile. Shar's ear picking up at the mention of the Jaliar
IV. Was this just coincidence he thought or did Cynan know something that he


"Cynan. Please. We need to be sensible here." Jaav chipped in trying to calm
a situation before it broke the surface.


"Hold on. Isn't Jaliar IV also the home of a Starfleet Intelligence
outpost?" Sam queried.


"That'd be another good reason to go, wouldn't it?" said Cynan. "Pick up a
bit of intel. whilst there, see what's where and who's about.. after all we
it's best to know all the facts before rushing in. *ahem* Excuse my irony.
Nick? What do you say?"


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