[USS Vanguard] Leopard's can't change their spots, but who said anything about Trills?

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Counselor Jaav E'thexx
After: Mel's last post. 

Jaav sat bluntly on the bio bed.  the pained expression on his face made it 
quite obvious that something was to blame for his fould mood.  Xristha tilted 
his head to one side moving the dermal regenerator over his face.  Jaav 
flinched away, sighing heavily with annoyance, Xristha moved back in protest.  

Droin:  Will you sit still Jaav!  I'd heard Doctors made bad patients but they 
ought to expand the saying to include Psychologists!

Jaav swung his head round to face Xristha, yet another sour expression made it 
quite clear he was not impressed by her attempt at humour.  

E'thexx:  This hasn't happened since I was seven!

There was a brief pause before Xristha looked Jaav straight on, an ever 
widening grin appeared across her face.  

Droin:  Well...If you've had this reaction before it really is your own fault 
that you've let it happen again.  

Jaav's Trill spots, no longer their usual dark brown/black colour, were a 
fierce, bright red accompanied with an orange rash extending over all his 
exposed skin.
Droin:  It's a well know fact that 80% of all Trill are allergic to Risan 
strawberries, besides, you look good in orange, you have a sort of healthy glow!
Xristha began to giggle, but stopped abruptly as Jaav shot her a frown worthy 
of use in a poker game with William Riker.  Xristha lifted Jaav's arm and 
gently shot him with a hypospray containing an anti-allergenic.   
Droin:  That's it,  that's the best I can do.  The Immuzine should stop the 
reaction and the regenerator should have soothed the itching a little...The 
rash will be present for about another 48 hours though.  

Jaav stood, straightening his uniform and rubbing his neck.  He sighed once 
more.  Xristha returned her instruments to the equiptment tray. 

Droin:  Come on Counselor.  We're already late!

The two officers exited Sickbay and headed for the ceremony.  A turbolift ride 
and several minutes of stiffled giggling (on Xristha's part) later, the pair 
arrived in the Event Horizon.  The expression on Santos's face when he saw his 
ship's counselor was worth a Ferengi's small fortune.  Jaav decided that it 
might be an idea to acquire an alcoholic beverage to loosen him up a little.  
Almost as if someone had caught on to his need for something a little more 
potent than Droin's anti-allergenic, a new, smiling face swept in front of 
Jaav.  After a few moments Jaav recognised the new face as Desdemona, the 
"guest" the Vanguard had acquired in a somewhat unusual fashion.  She wore an 
elegant, sparkling, thin-strapped frock and had a very distinct charisma about 
her.  It seemed that even her pace exuded positivity as she moved over to Jaav. 
 She greeted the Counselor, and went on alarmingly about how sorry she was that 
the pair had not met earlier.  She was in full flight, conveying her love of 
traditional Trill poetry when she stopped, abruptly, and stared...

Des:  Risan strawberries right?

E'thexx:  How did you guess?

Des:  Well let's just say, after you've served your Trill house guests a 
delicious batch of hot, buttered Risan strawberry muffins, you tend not to 
forget the colour they turn while licking their lips!

For the first time that evening Jaav was genuinely amused.  Des had a certain 
air about her, an air which was most welcome at the very least.  She offered 
Jaav the last glass of white wine on her serving tray, then left, mentioning 
something about keeping everything in check.  

Jaav sat down in one of the lounge's padded chairs and placed his wine glass on 
the table in front of him.  He grinned to himself, feeling a little happier 
about the course of the day...

Been a while everybody, welcome aboard to Jayne and Steve.  I hope this gets me 
back in the swing of things :-)

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