[USS Vanguard] Kye&Gainsly-Merlin????

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Dellan Kye-Master Thief and Aerissa Gainsly-Midra-Princess/Mage
Castle of Midra
After Derek's

Dellan stared at the other "Queen" and the king. "Umm, who are you" He asked 
again. He hoped his powers would hold out and fool these two enough....or at 
least confuse them.

Suddenly, from the back of the room, the heard a slight scream. "Oh my 
goodness! Who are you two?" Eliza cried.

Dellan turned and gulped. Hoping he could keep this up, he raised his head. 
"I am the Queen of Midra, Eliza! And who exactly are you two?" He said, 
gesturing to the other "Queens"

He got the response he expected. "Why, I am the real queen!" The first one 
shouted. Eliza stamped her foot. "Well, I beg to differ...but I'm the real 
queen!" They all started shouting and the King rose to his feet. "Ladies, 
ladies! PLease! We will setlle this is a civilized manner!"

Suddenly, Aerissa burst into the room carrying the goblet. "Aerissa! Why on 
earth do you have that?" Ferdinand asked. Aerissa sighed. "Because these 
two.." She said, pointing to Dellan and Chen'Ki "...were trying to steal 
it!" Ferdinand slumped back into his chair. "I am very confused..."

Arissa sighed. "Me too, daddy." She said. Focusing her powers, she held her 
hadn up and a ball of white energy appeared. She muttered some words and 
hurled the all at the Queens. Befre it hit, it bew off in some shockwaves, 
affecting only Chen'Ki and Dellan, revealing them to be who they really 

Dellan's eyes widened. "She....she....she's powerful!" He thought. Aerissa 
turned on her heel and ran out of the room. Dellan turned to Chen'Ki, 
shrugged and then chased after her. Chen'Ki followed closely behind, leaving 
the King and Queen staring at each other, very confused.

Aerissa ran and ran and found herself in a hall with a dead-end. Turning, 
she found herself trapped. Dellan stood right there. "Leave me alone! I'll 
never let you have this goblet!!!" She cried.

Dellan cocked his eyebrow. "What makes that thing so important that I can't 
have it?" Aerissa began to speak, then stopped.

Before she could think of anything, Chen'ki ran up. "I don't know about you 
two, but I don't care what it does! It'svaluble and I want it!" He said, 
lunging for Aerissa.

Dellan cried "No! Wait" and reached for Chen'ki.

Aerissa screamed and fell backwards, landing on a statue. Suddenly, the 
floor gave way and they all three fell.

They all landed with a soft "THUD" on some hay. They all stood and brushed 
themselves off. Dellan turned to Aerissa. "You alright, Princess?" She 
nodded. "No thanks to eitehr of you." Chen'Ki sighed. "Well, if you had 
given me the goblet in the first palce, this wouldn't have happened!!!"

Aerissa started to yell back when they heard a strange voice. "Come closer, 
my children..." it called.

THey looked at each other and the towards where the voice come from. "Who 
was that?" Aerissa asked, still cluching the goblet. Dellan shrugged. "I 
don't know....It's your castle! You should know!" Aerissa frowned. "How am I 
supposed to know every little strange voice in the big castle?"

Chen'Ki sighed loudly. "Will you two STOP arguing and let's go see who that 
was?" THey looked at each other and then abck to Chen'Ki and nodded.

Chen'Ki nodded and started down the tunnel, with Dellan and Aerissa closely 

They arrived in a strange lab, filled with spell books and magic potions and 
strange experiments. And a strange man wearing a blue robe and pointy hat. 
Dellan frowned. "Who are you?" He asked.

Aerissa smiled. "Why, it's....it's....Merlin!"

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