[USS Vanguard] Kye&Gainsly: A Princess and a Thief

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Lt.JG Dellan Kye and LT.JG Aerissa Gainsly 
Middle Ages

(OOC-Sorry I havem't posted lately....my internet has been bad
and so I can't get online. Hope this isn't to out of place...)

(First, Aerissa)

Aerissa slowly opened her eyes and found herself in her room in
Midra Castle. She sat up and found she had fallen asleep by the
window. Looking out, she found it was another balmy day.

She stood and dressed and left her room. She was meet in the
stone hallway by Friederick, the butler. "Your Majesty...A
messenger has come from the front lines." Her eyes brightened.
"Does he carry news of Sir Soman?" She asked, hoping.

Friderick shrugged. "I do not know, Princess. He is speaking
with yuor father now." She nodded and rushed off to the throne

Slightly pushing open the door, she peered in as the messenger
spoke with her father, King Midra. He noticed her and silently
summoned her into the room. She slowly walked up and took her
place in her seat by her mother, Queen Midra. "He was just about
to get to Sir Soman...." her mother whispered to her.


Dellan Kye stood outside the castle walls in the village of
Midra. He gazed over the castle and sighed, thinking of the
wealth he could get from just ONE heist!

Sighing, he took a step back and ran into a older woman. "I'm
sorry miss!" He said, She whacked him with her staff and then
continued on her way, mubling about "kids these days..." But she
had secretly placed inside Dellan's pocket a small crystal.
Dellan didn't realize this, though.

He walked back to his companion and sighed. "Well Liza(NPC), it
looks like we're gonna have to wait till dark..." she sighed.
"Well, we knew that already Del...." They headed back to the
Inn, to wait till midnight.


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