[USS Vanguard] Kye: Quoestions

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Lt.JG Dellan Kye - JAG Officer
USS Vanguard
After Andy's last post

Dellan exited the briefing room and headed for the Science Lab. If he was 
going to be handling the transport of the Trilithium, he'd better get to 
know all about it.

He stopped and turned around and walked back into the briefing room. He 
found Captain Santos staring out of the window. "Captain, if I may...will my 
dutites include anything on the bridge? Such as tactical or anything?" He 
asked, somewhat hopeful.

(Ooc- Sorry for the EXTREMLY short post...I've been having loads of personal 
problems lately and I only have a few minutes to post...Just wanted to let 
ya'll know I was still around and kicking.)

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