[USS Vanguard] Killing Grounds

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"Right." Cynan interrupted, hoisting his rifle. "Kieran, Shar, wide of the 
gate, set up a killing zone. Des, here at the door. Let's go."


Shar grabbed his rifle, which he'd set just inside the door when he'd come 
in to eat, and nodded to Kieran as they double-timed it to either side of 
the gate.

"I'll cover from those trees to the right there," He nodded to a copse of 
moderately dense looking trees that would cover his presence but wouldn't 
interfere with his aim to much.

"Right, I'll take cover over by the barn," Kieran said, motioning to the 
building. Given their current positions, Shar figured in his head as he set 
himself up in position, they'd be separated by about forty to fifty meters, 
with Kieran close to 15 meters from the gate itself, and Shar being farther 
back closer to 25. Des, taking position at the door to the house, was 
farthest back, but had the best view of the entire situation.

"Well, this is certainly fun, isn't it Shar.." he mumbled to himself, 
"...typical, to get stuck on this damned backwater planet with nothing but a 
projectile weapon to fight against..." His thoughts ran off in alarm when he 
noticed several men on horses, following someone who either looked exactly 
like a Breen in full battle armour, or... well, no. It WAS a Breen in full 
armour, wasn't it.

"Wonderful. I *hate* Breen... and that's when I'm in a good mood.." he 
muttered to himself as he looked over to Kierans position, both men nodding 
to eachother to acknowledge the bad news. Shar held up seven fingers, then 
one more. Kieran nodded his agreement. Seven humans. Bad odds to start with, 
but adding the one Breen, and given the teams arms at the moment, the odds 
calculation just depressed Shar. "Typical..."

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