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Lt. Highwaij
Event Horizon Lounge
After:  Kick-boxing bye She'ra

> She'ra: Don't tell me you're reading my mind.
> Highwaij: Would that be so bad?
> She'ra: That, my friend {geting into her stance with a
> smile} Would be cheating.
> She attacked him again.

Highwaij managed to dive away "Okee, I'll promishe not to use my powers

"Good" She'ra said as she kick Highwaij in the ribs again.

Highwaij fell down and had to take a few deep breaths then he stood up again
""I'll think I had that comming, now let's go on"

She'ra smilled "Hmm a man whom won't run away"

As the continued the fight, the crowed around thme was getting bigger, and
cheering at them
a few moments later Highwaij tried to hit She'ra but she managed to block
and counter his kick. Her klingon side took over as he fell to the ground
after getting hit mre then once

"Are you allright" She'ra said as she saw Highwaij down on the floor "She
reached out her hand and helped him up

Highwaij grapped it and got up 'I'll manage a few other rounds " he replayed

'Great" She'ra said "Get ready"

Highwaij looked at his poker friends as one of them gave him a drink, he
quickly emptied the glass and
got back into the fighting ring
"Let's go, this is great for my work out"

He jumped foreward a little to eager, She'ra saw it and knocked him out cold

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