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Lt.  Jaav E'thexx
USS Vanguard
Before: Troubles Ahead

Jaav E'thexx stared blankly around Commander Margaret Stern's (NPC) office 
while she tightly scrutinised the interim hand over report he had handed to her 
several minutes earlier.  Stern made no sound or comment for some time.  All 
that could be heard was the intermittent chirp of the PADD as she scrolled from 
one page of text to the next.  

Stern:  This report is incomplete and unsatisfactory Mr.  E'thexx.  I don't 
think I have ever read psychological profiles this inadequate since I taught at 
the academy.  I expect your sloppy methodology is what prompted Captain St. 
Cloud to replace you as Ship's Senior Counselor.  

Jaav bit his lip.  He mustered all the will he could to prevent himself from 
saying anything at all.  He suspected that any comment that might leave his 
mouth would quickly snowball into outrage at the insult this woman was 
lavishing upon him.  He'd never faced such criticism over his work.  In 
previous instances his commanding officers and mentors had nothing but praise 
for his profiling ability and the Trill Symbiosis commission had certainly 
never found fault with his research.  As expected, it was only a matter of time 
before Margaret Stern resumed her cutting commentary.  

Stern:  You have certainly left me with a great deal of work E'thexx.  This 
report completely lacks any recent information on the interrogation integrity 
of senior crew members, not to mention the fact that you seem to have 
completely bypassed any assessment on the telepathic susceptibility of the 
engineering staff.  Instead the report is littered with personal information, 
details of relationship therapy, professional development plans!

Jaav could withhold the urge no longer.  Calmly, but through near-gritted 
teeth, he began to address the Commander.  

E'thexx:  Commander Stern, with respect, might I take the opportunity to remind 
you that interrogation integrities, telepathic susceptibility quotients and 
other such 'invasive' psychological assessments are not required under 
Starfleet protocol, unless we are enduring a time of war, or the ship is 
assigned a code black mission.  

Stern's face was a montage of disgust and horror, she was speechless for a 
brief period before replying to E'thexx's statement in a near shrill.  

Stern:  And might I remind you Mr. E'thexx, that it is every Starfleet 
officer's responsibility to be prepared for ANY situation that might present 
itself.  This ship possesses technologies which may be of vital importance to 
both the Fleet AND the Federation, it is irresponsible to assume that just 
because it is not a time of war that we can be any less prepared for 
infiltration from external vectors.  

Stern stopped and dropped the PADD to her desk.  

Stern:  You are dismissed E'thexx.  You have one hour to clear your old office 
and turn over any materials relevant to the status of the crew to my personal 
database.  Good day.  

Despite his better nature, Jaav could not resist the urge to supply Stern with 
a touch of his own sarcasm.  

E'thexx:  Good day.  

Jaav turned and exited her office.  He stood outside on the open corridor for a 
second or two, breathed in deeply and exhaled.  He reminded himself that he was 
not the only member of the crew struggling to endure the stressful  change in 
the USS Vanguard's commanding officer.  

Remembering that he had made a prior engagement, Jaav made his way to the 
turbolift.  A new crew member from the science division he was not familiar 
with was already riding the turbolift, so as not to seem impolite Jaav nodded 
as he entered, requesting docking hatch 3.  


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