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Lt. Jaav E'thexx
Ship's Counselor
Location: Event Horizon
After: All recent posts

Although after the banquet, Event Horizon possessed more of a buzz than
usual. The bar was always a hub of activity onboard the
Vanguard,(thanks to Desdemona), but on this particular occasion there
seemed a great deal more going on. Jaav noted the difference, and put
it down to the fact that the crew were probably making the most of
their R&R time before the Vanguard's departure, which no-one seemed to
have an exact stardate for.

Desdemona kept her cool as always, Jaav sat at the bar across from her
watching as she directed her waiting staff to the tables while she
simultaneously attempted to repair one of the malfunctioning

E'thexx: You know you could always request a technician come and look
at that.

Desdemona turned round smiling, placing a plasma torch on the bar top
and wiping her actoconductive gel covered hands on the knees of her
slim fitting jumpsuit.

Desdemona: All the engineering crews are busy readying the Vanguard,
besides I know a thing or two about replicators.

Des's expression let on that really she knew one or two things about
replicators that she perhaps shouldn't. Jaav wondered if she could
reconfigure the unit to synthesise vintage Romulan ale, then decided
that she probably could and that he shouldn't ask because she no doubt
would if he did.

Desdemona: What can I get you?

E'thexx: Antedean Seawater.

Des raised her eyebrow.

Desdemona: You're joking right?

E'thexx: Nope.

Desdemona: Well that's certainly a request I've not had in a long time,
give me a minute.

Des slipped away from the front of the bar and disappeared into one of
her storage compartments, Jaav could hear an amount of clinking as she
moved some of her items around. Within a few seconds she reappeared,
holding a tall, thin glass bottle with a silver metal top, containing a
translucent blue-green liquid with pink flecks dispersed throughout.
Des placed the bottle on the bar and a crystal glass with an elaborate
decorative design next to it.

Desdemona: There you go, 2353 vintage, fortified with Antedean
microplankton I do believe. I've been trying to shift that for months.

E'thexx: It's an acquired taste.

Des giggled slightly, placing her hand over her mouth as she did.

Desdemona: Though why anybody would want to acquire THAT particular
taste is beyond me. Are you sure you're feeling yourself counselor?

Jaav was about to respond when one of Des's staff called her over for
help with another difficult order.

Jaav removed the silver top from the tall bottle and half-filled the
glass which stood next to it. He swallowed its contents in one,
contemplating the aftertaste for a moment or two. His enjoyment of the
drink was hampered by the slightly raised voices he could hear just
outside of earshot.

Jaav turned round to see Captain Santos and a woman Jaav recognised
from the banquet in the middle of some sort of discreet confrontation,
luckily it seemed to be diffusing itself, but only just. Jaav
contemplated for a second whether or not he should intervene, then
decided that judging by their body language the two obviously wanted to
discontinue the argument and an interruption might help. Quickly Jaav
left his seat and headed over toward Santos.

E'thexx: Good evening Captain.

As predicted Santos was both startled and pleased by the interruption.

Santos: Jaav, good evening, what can I do for...

Merchant: Aren't you going to introduce us, Dominic?

Santos' discomfort was obvious, he turned to face Elizabeth Merchant.

Santos: Of course, Counselor E'thexx, allow me to introduce
Commissioner Elizabeth Merchant of the Federation Office of Diplomacy &
Outreach...and my previous wife.

Merchant lunged in immediately, pushing out Santos and grasping Jaav's

Merchant: A pleasure to meet you Counselor, I'm familiar with your
paper on Romulan aggressive tendencies, I must say I found the piece
interesting, even if a little impractical.

Jaav could immediately detect the tension between Merchant and Santos.
She had a strong character, and she'd complimented and cut Jaav down in
a single sentence.

E'thexx: And you, Commissioner Merchant, it's always an honour to have
a Federation executive with us onboard the Vanguard.

Santos: The Commissioner has been assigned to the Vanguard as part of
our next mission, the details of which I will be revealing to the crew
in the not-too-distant-future.

Jaav knew enough not to ask anymore, about the upcoming mission or
Santos' marital status, both were most likely classified, although in
entirely different ways.

Merchant: Speaking of which, I had better retire to my quarters, I have
a briefing to prepare. I will make my own way to my quarters.

Merchant left immediately after speaking. Santos turned to Jaav letting
out a large sigh of relief.

Santos: Remind me to make an appointment Counselor, I may need your
services very shortly. As I was saying, what can I do for you?

E'thexx: I was wondering if perhaps I could be restored to full active
duty, I've spoken with Dr. Droin and she'll permit it as long as you

Santos: I see no reason why not, so long as you feel up to it. I would
certainly appreciate your full availability on our next assignment.

E'thexx: Thank you sir.

Santos: Not a problem, but I want you to continue regular appointments
with Xristha, and notify either herself or me as soon as you encounter
any 'difficulties'.

E'thexx: Certainly.

The conversation was broken by an intercom announcement.

=/\= Captain Santos. You have a priority daystar transmission coming in
on subspace sir.

The Captain tapped his com badge.

Santos: Acknowledged.

Santos: If you'll excuse me Counselor.

E'thexx: Of course.

Santos: I'll be sure to make that appointment, otherwise you may have
to inform the JAG's office that a murder has been committed onboard

Santos smiled, Jaav understood the joke.

E'thexx: Goodnight sir.

Santos left Event Horizon. Jaav reclaimed his seat at the bar.


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