[USS Vanguard] Its getting hot in here...

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Santos walked off the bridge without sparing the bridge crew a second
glance. He came within proximity of the science officer on duty and
infected her.

<Ten Minutes later>

Shar wiped the sweat off of his brow and sighed.
    "Damn its hot in here!" he said "Computer, state current temperature,"
    "The current temperature on deck one is twenty degrees celsius," it 
responded in its cool voice.
    "Anyone else finding it hot up here?" he asked, looking around while he 
removed the outer jacket of his uniform. An ensign at one of the aft 
terminals smiled at the action and winked, catching him slightly off-guard. 
She said in a sultry voice, leaning over the back of her chair.
    "Well, sir.. it isn't just you. It's definitely getting hot in here," 
Shar admired her figure for a moment, then shook his head slightly. What was 
wrong with him? He couldn't quite manage to concentrate properly on 
anything... and really, what did it matter anyway? He worked hard, he 
deserved some time off damnit.
    "Okay.. well... I'm going to go... talk with engineering about the 
temperature," He said to nobody in particular, and got up heading to the 
turbolift. The doors slid shut, and he was about to order a destination when 
he felt a pair of soft hands reach from behind him and start running over 
his chest. "Ensign... can I help you?" he asked, slightly mentally 
off-balance, but still making no attempt to stop her... which was strange, 
wasn't it?

"Sickbay," He said, out of the blue. Why sickbay? As the ensign started to 
kiss him, he stopped caring about why he was heading to sickbay... He'd 
figure it out when he got there.

Lt. JG. Shar
Intelligence Officer/Chief Security Officer
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