[USS Vanguard] It never rains but it pours

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By: Ensign ALiyah-Amores Lopez-Fitzgerald
After: Under Siege

"What the hell was that?" Aliyah mumbled under her breath. She looked at Quetan 
for answer but Zena had the same confused look on her face as everyone else. 
Aliyah shivered slightly. "Are you alright Lopez?" Highwaij asked her. She 

"We need to get that door open and get in," Jazz brought their minds back to 
the task at hand. She walked over to the door along with Higwaij and the two 
tried pulling the door open. It began to give and Zena, Des and Aliyah walked 
over to give them a hand. As the door open to engineering everyone turned to 
face them.

"Hey Falcon," D'Angelo called, "you got a little smot right here," he told her 
and touched the face section of his mask. Aliyah walked over to Jazz and 
scanned the slimey liquid with her tricorder. She gasped. "That thing was 
human!" The captain swung around to face them, "What thing?" he asked. "We just 
got attacked by some sort of creature outside the doors, and what the hell do 
you mean it was human?" Zen asked in one breathe of her answer to the captain. 
After wiping the liquid from Jazz's mask, Aliyah handed the tricorder to Zena 
to see the read out. everyone gathered around Zena.

"What in the world were they  doing on board this ship?" Highwaij spoke up.
"That....Thing," Desdemona bit off the word thing as though it had a bad taste, 
"Is loose running around the ship. It disappeared as fast as it appeared."

"Maybe you were hillucinating," Vogel spoke up for the first time.
"We couldn't all have been," Jazz told him silently as though in thought, "We 
need to find that...thing. It might have some answers for us."

Aliyah turned to watch the captain. He had barely said one word since they came 
in. He had his left arm folded across his chest and his right hand stroking his 
chin. She remembered that look. Without using her telepathic or emphatic 
abilities she could tell he was in deep thought. She remembered. That was the 
way he got when his mental wheels were turning. "Captain, I hate to be the one 
to add to our problems," ALiyah spoke up, "but We found traces of bragatoplyn 
on the bridge!"

That caught the captain's attention, "what!" he almost yelled.
"Bragatoplyn is..." Jazz started but the captain cut her off, "I know what it 
is Jazz," he told her mildly. 

"well my brother said it right. It never rains but it pours and right 
now...Cats and dogs are coming down," Aliyah mumbled.
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