[USS Vanguard] Introducing Ens. She'ra Khan

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Capt. Dominic Santos
Event Horizon Lounge
After "On a Pale Horse"

Santos finished speaking with Zena Quetan. A Trill ceremony? He'd heard
of something like this, but he'd never seen one firsthand. As for
participating...he would have to give it some thought. The idea of
losing self-control and having another..."personality" inhabit him...

Santos's train of thought was interrupted by a voice behind him.

"Captain Santos?"

Santos turned to face a young woman with obvious facial ridges.
Obviously a Klingon, but her face was more muted, the forehead less
pronounced. The resemblance to an old friend was uncanny and Santos

"Yes. How can I help you, Ensign?"

"She'ra Khan, reporting for duty, sir. They told me I could find you

Without another word, Santos took her by the elbow and led her toward
the podium.

"Everyone, I'd like you to meet our Exobiologist, Ensign She'ra Khan.
She'ra Khan, welcome to the Vangaurd!"

The young exobiologist opened her mouth and then closed it.

[Lela, a few words?]

OoC: I'd like you all to meet Lela, playing as "She'ra Khan," our new
exobiologist. She'll be joining us from this point for our next
mission, and I certainly hope many, many missions after.

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