[USS Vanguard] Introducing Chief Petty Officer Craig Kavan

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Will you please join me in welcoming our Chief Petty Officer, Craig Kavan.

He's practiced the patience of a saint after waiting for a long time to have 
his application approved and then for us to finish one mission before writing a 
post having to do with his character.

Although he's introduced his character before (on Galinia-4), he's 
reintroducing his character again since that was a fast-paced mission with 
little to no time to "meet" new characters.

He's shown a lot of heart and dedication by reintroducing his character, and I 
hope you'll say hello to him with me.

And if you haven't read his latest post on the Board of Enquiry, do yourself a 
favor and do. It's a very good read and sets the kind of example of how to 
really put together a good post.

Welcome, sir. And I hope you find a nice, long stay with the Vanguard as your 
new home.

Best regards,

Andy Ho
Capt. Dominic Santos
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