[USS Vanguard] Infection and Result

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Chief Petty Officer Craig Kavan
USS Vanguard
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Craig was making his way toward the bridge after finishing his daily 
inspection.  The crew was operating like a well-oiled machine, he expected no 
less of course.  And now that the Tribble problem appeared solved they could 
get back to work.
He was still puzzled about the starship that had been located adrift, he was 
also concerned about the holodeck acting up.  
For over twenty-five years we've been having the same gorram problem with those 
things and we continue to run them anyway.  Oh well, what's life without a 
little danger I suppose.
He'd been party to his fare share of holodeck incidents, of course the most 
recent one had only meant a concusion and it was the last time that he told a 
player from Manchester United to kiss his butt.
It was at that moment that Craig stopped and cocked his head.  He'd been alone 
in the corridor for the last few minutes but he thought he heard...  Craig 
turned to look over his left shoulder and saw a figure skipping down the 
corridor toward him.  He shook it off when he saw that it was Lt. Lopez.  After 
all, there was no regulation against skipping, was there?  
Craig had decided that he'd have to look it up later as he continued to walk 
toward the turbolift.  Lt. Lopez caught up to him and smiled as she skipped by.
"Afternoon Chief," she said with a broad smile on her face.
Craig raised an eyebrow as she passed, but responded as he was required.  
"Afternoon Ma'am.  Having a good day?"
She beat him to the turbolift and held the door until he joined her then she 
answered, "You bet I am, I was feeling lonely earlier and so I decided to go 
see Nick.  Bridge," she told the lift.
Craig thought better of correcting her when she referred to the Captain by 
first name, after all, she was an officer and maybe he wouldn't mind.  In fact, 
he thought to himself as he felt the lift becoming warmer, why even bother with 
military formality to begin with?  After all, they were all adults on board and 
what made "Nicky" more qualified to command the ship than Craig?  Craig had 
seen Nicky's file and while he was certainly a decorated commander, Craig had 
the sudden thought that he'd be just as good a commander as Nick was.
Just then the lift opened and Aliyah stepped off and skipped to "Nick's" ready 
room door.
Why does he deserve a ready room?  I've been in the fleet longer than he has.  
I think I should have a ready room.
Craig stepped onto the bridge and surveyed the crew on duty, Commander 
Quetan...  "Zena," stood up from the chair, the chair that should be his, and 
looked his way.
"Afternoon Chief, do you have that report on enlisted promotion 
recommendations?  I'd like to go over it with you and the counselor..."
Craig cut her off.  "Do it yourself Zena, the bloody thing isn't going to right 
itself after all."
The shocked woman's jaw dropped.  He didn't wait for her response though, he 
had a mutiny to engineer which was much more important than standing around 
waiting for her to have him thrown in the brig.  The bridge crew could hear 
Craig's maniacle giggling as the lift's doors closed.
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